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Winter 2018 Trail Running Kit List


The mountains are an unpredictable beast in Winter.  The weather can change in a heartbeat, and your clothing has to withstand a variety of challenging conditions whilst being able to cope with the rigours of fast mountain travel.  What you wear has to be warm and robust enough to protect you from the environment, yet breathable and light enough to be used for many long, hard hours on the trail.
Below are some must-have new products which are all these things and more.  Versatile and high-performance winter trail running clothing to help you push Further. Faster.


During winter, the most important layer is the outer layer, as it seals in your internal eco-system by blocking out wind and rain. If you require a durable outer waterproof jacket, the Fleet Jacket is made with GORE-TEX Active material, making it highly breathable and lightweight. If having the lightest possible kit is your top priority, the Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket is specifically designed for lightweight waterproof comfort.


For the insulating layer, we recommend synthetic insulated material as it can be stuffed into packs without the worry of damage, and keep you warm even if it gets wet. We recommend the new Prism and Prismatic Jacket, for its high warmth to weight ratio. We also recommend the new Icarus and Phoenix Lite Jackets, which utilise the Thermoplume technology in baffles which mimics down qualities.


The PRIMINO range is our specially designed winter baselayer range made from a blend of Merino wool and PrimaLoft. The Merino wool gives each garment highly thermal properties, whilst the synthetic PrimaLoft fabric allows sweat to be drawn from the body and wicked away.


The VIA thermal trail tights are specifically designed for winter running, as they have weather-resistant outer material whilst having thermal fabric on the inside. The Power Up Pro Pants can be used as a layering piece or as a stand-alone fleece running tight.


The highest recommended hat for winter from our athletes is the Mountain Squall cap, as it is waterproof, has a peak and covers your entire head and ears. If you don't require ear protection the Fleet cap is made with GORE-TEX Active material.
The most commonly used gloves in our winter ultra races are the Extreme glove and mitt range, as they have synthetic insulation and are packable.
The Power Stretch Pro Grippy gloves are recommended as either a stand-alone minimal glove with grip for holding poles or as a liner under other gloves.
Depending on the terrain and weather at hand, the Endurance Pro Gaiters are our most durable all-round gaiter made with GORE-TEX fabric. If having a lightweight kit is your most important factor, the Outflow Gaiter is a lightweight option.


The factors of run duration and weather conditions will determine what volume of pack to take. The Trailblazer range is our newest addition to the ultra-endurance discipline. They have been used by our athletes to run across mountain ranges relying only on what they carry with them. The VIA Dragon and Jaw packs are a favourite amongst ultra-race athletes e.g. The Montane Spine Race.