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GORE-TEX® is known for it's groundbreaking waterproof and breathable product technologies. 



GORE-TEX® Technologies | Waterproof, Breathable and Windproof

Garments made with lightweight GORE-TEX® Active fabric are extremely breathable combined with durable water and windproofness. The ideal solution for highly aerobic, done-in-a-day activities.

Garments made with GORE-TEX® Active fabric are durably waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable – the most breathable fabric in the GORE-TEX® product family. Meeting the intense aerobic demands of the alpine athlete, these fabrics are the ideal solution for highly aerobic done-in-a-day activities, even in bad weather. Garments made with GORE-TEX® Active fabric are lightweight and soft, with excellent next-to-skin comfort, thanks to reliable moisture management. The fabric’s construction keeps your body dry by reducing the accumulation of sweat so you stay cool during activity and warm during cool-down. With GORE-TEX® Active fabric, you can put the garment on, leave it on and focus on the experience rather than your clothing.


  • Extremely breathable
  • Durably waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Excellent next-to-skin comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Specially developed for highly aerobic activities




GORE-TEX® Membrane Technologies | Montane

Garments such as the men's Montane Fleet Jacket are made with the new 3-layer GORE-TEX® products with GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology are durably waterproof, breathable and windproof. The lightweight construction delivers improved comfort for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, trekking, all mountain skiing/snowboarding and freeriding.

Whereas other versions of 3-layer GORE-TEX systems have featured a hanging mesh material, C-Knit is a smooth, super-light and highly breathable layer made from an extremely fine nylon yarn, using a revolutionary circular knit technique on a microscopic scale.


  • Optimal comfort with breathability increased by as much as 15%*
  • Lighter garments are possible with a 10% reduction in fabric weight*
  • Wind and water protection
  • Uncompromised durability
  • More Eco-friendly
  • Visual differentiation from other backers from a circular knit pattern




GORE-TEX® Technologies | Montane

The new generation of GORE-TEX® Pro products includes the men's Endurance Pro Jacket a key piece of kit from the men's waterproof jacket range. Improved ruggedness 5 End-uses and up to 28 % increased breathability compared to our previous product generation, combined with durable water and windproofness. The result: better comfort in more conditions for (ski) mountaineers, free-riders, mountain guides and serious outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Improved ruggedness: Durable protection even in rugged environments and extreme conditions. Long lasting performance and longer garment life.
  • Up to 28 % increased breathability: Minimised risk of sweat accumulation and maximised comfort at different activity levels. Enhanced comfort across a wider range of weather conditions, even during activities with frequent work-rest cycles.
  • Durable water and windproofness: Reliable weather protection throughout the garment’s entire lifetime, even for extended periods in extreme conditions.




GORE-TEX® Membrane Technologies Example | Montane

Unlike the 2-layer construction, this construction bonds the GORE-TEX® membrane to both the outer fabric and the inner lining. The benefit: no movement between the layers, which means less wear and tear, and enhanced durability.

With a 3-layer construction that includes GORE-TEX® membrane sandwiched between a soft outer material and a knit polyester backing material for added durability, these garments keep you comfortable and protected from the elements without adding extra bulk or weight. Garments made with three-layer GORE-TEX® fabric are the ideal solution for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy demanding activities in a wide range of weather conditions.


  • Lighter garments are possible with a 10% reduction in fabric weight*
  • Weather protection
  • Enhanced durability
  • Breathable
  • Abrasion-resistant 




GORE-TEX® Membrane Technologies Glove Example | Montane

Gloves engineered with GORE-TEX® inserts offer enduring weather protection and comfort with balanced heat transfer and optimum moisture management – even in harsh conditions. The result: your hands stay warmer when it's cold and drier when you perspire.

GORE-TEX inserts can have a 2-layer or a 3-layer construction consisting of the microporous GORE-TEX membrane combined with one or two protective non-woven fabrics. Both inserts are shaped like a glove and have adhesive seams. Both also feature special sewing tapes that are used to fix the insert with the outer fabric and the insulating inner lining of the protective glove.


  • Wet hands become cold hands, and that can make tasks tricky and slow you down. Cold hands are often caused by moisture in the insulation—that's why all our gloves are guaranteed waterproof, so chilling water can't get in.
  • When an icy wind rolls down the valley, or when you’re picking up speed down a black run, all GORE-TEX Gloves offer you windproof protection.
  • Each of the billions of pores in the GORE-TEX membrane inside your gloves is bigger than water vapour molecules. So when you sweat, your gloves breathe it out. That means less water accumulation inside them, and greater comfort for you.