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Polartec Power Shield

Polartec Power Shield is a remarkable single layer fabric that offers extended breathability, exceptional abrasion resistance and stretch to enhance your outdoor experience. Developed to bring greater strength and versatility to the softshell fabric category, Power Shield is a dense knit multi component fabric that successfully balances warmth, weather resistance and breathability. It provides adaptable protection and sets a new industry standard for performance fabrics.

Power Shield’s single layer construction is designed to replace traditional fleece and shell softshell systems, reducing the weight and number of layers needed to insulate and protect. It is able to block 98% of the wind, is less noisy than hard shell fabrics and is finished with a durable water repellency.


-   Air permeability: Max 13CFM

-   Spray rating: 80/20

-   Denier: 70D x 70D

    Windproof: Blocks 98% of the wind, preventing wind chill, but allowing enough air

-   circulation to keep you from overheating

-   Oeko-Tex® certified fabric: tested to standards which do not allow the use of chemicals

    which are known to be harmful to humans and the environment

-   PU laminate for cold conditions

-   Brushed inner face to wick moisture away from the skin