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Pertex Quantum

Pertex technologies are amongst the lightest, most reliable and most durable on the market. A long-established heritage of staying true to its British roots has led Pertex on a path of continuous innovation to deliver the best end-use focused fabrics in the business.

Pertex’s approach closely matches Montane’s own focus on engineering lightweight, breathable clothing and equipment for endurance sports in extreme environments. Obsessed by product and pioneering fit-for-purpose designs, we have worked with Pertex since our beginnings in 1993 to create weatherproof garments that allow you to push your boundaries.


Pertex Quantum

Pertex Quantum uses a tightly woven structure to provide a light and soft fabric that allows insulation to fully loft.

-   Composition: 100% Polyamide (nylon)

-   Weight: <35g/m²

-   Air permeability: 1.0cc (max)

-   Main properties: Featherweight, optimum strength to weight ratio, windproof, downproof


Pertex Quantum Pro

Pertex Quantum Pro uses an ultra-thin water-resistant coating to provide increased weather resistance for use in extreme conditions.


Pertex Quantum Air

Pertex Quantum Air is engineered with increased air permeability to provide a balance between wind resistance and breathability.

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