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"We have been given a rich life. And everyone can do so much more out of it for this world - if he or she wants to."



Birgit is one of Germany’s most high profile Arctic explorers having reached the North Pole over 15 times. Her work as an award-winning journalist and writer has enabled her to pursue her passion and determination to preserve this threatened region with several notable expeditions to the Arctic Circle. Birgit studied German and Journalism at University’s in Bamberg and Rome and in her early career worked for the German television broadcaster ZDF in Rio de Janeiro and for the biggest newspaper in Germany, Suddeutsche Zeitung, where she was given her first assignment to the Arctic in 2007; traveling on board the Russian nuclear icebreaker, Yamal, from Murmansk to the North Pole. Birgit was immediately hooked, the Arctic bug had bitten! After this first trip, Birgit twice ventured to the North Pole on ski-expeditions in 2010 and 2011, both times leaving from the Russian drift ice station and accompanied by Swiss adventurer and guide Thomas Ulrich. In 2008 Birgit began sharing her passion for the Arctic by working on expedition cruisers, giving lectures about the Arctic ecosystem and the region’s history of discovery whilst supervising the passengers' safety on trips to the Arctic islands and out onto the ice. She supplemented her already vast knowledge by attending the University of the Arctic in Canada reading Circumpolar Studies.


The Arctic plays a big part in Birgit’s life and her passion is evident as her lectures are not about pain, suffering and heroes, instead focusing on the beauty of the region, about everything that makes it special, and about how “people” are destroying it. In Birgit’s own words “I try to inspire people and to show them: we have been given a rich life. And everyone can do so much more out of it for this world - if he or she wants to."

Birgit has published two critically acclaimed books about her polar experiences; “On the Road with Wild Things: A Woman Conquering the Arctic” (Unterwegs mit wilden Kerlen) and “Borderline Greenland: Expedition Thriller” (Grenzerfahrung Gronland) both in German. She now lives and works near Lake Schliersee in Bavaria, loves hiking, sitting beside the lake and planning new trips to the North.



2012: Liebling ("Darling") Award of women's magazine Myself

2011: Media Award Dr. Georg Schreiber

2010: Karl-Buchrucker Award and 3rd prize in the Journalist Award