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Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day V

Follow the team’s adventure <Previous Page          Next Page> It was another sunny and relatively warm day out there on the sea ice, a balmy -24°C (-11 °F ). Everyone was thankful to cover a lot of flat terrain today. The high- and low- light of the day was the crossing of an ice rubble field which involved lots of scrambling.  These traverses can be very hard work but the boulders are stunning blue ice and it is beautiful to be amongst them. Todays photo is a sea... Read More

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Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day IV

Follow the team’s adventure <Previous Page          Next Page> Last night the team made a 4 km gain on the pole, thanks to the drifting sea ice! Unfortunately, they lost their gain by late afternoon after they had to do a very large diversion to the south around some ice rubble (probably there as a result of last nights shifting ice). Today was warm but with a bit of wind.  They are so acclimatised they didn’t even know what the temperature was! A spectacular moment of today... Read More

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Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day II

Follow the team’s adventure <Previous Page          Next Page> Challenging days lie ahead for the team.  However, progress is being made both geographically and technologically, with more pictures and updates promised soon! On another stunning day on the arctic sea ice, the team have made their slow but steady way towards the pole, covering 9.5 km. The dramatic landscape of shifting ice and big chunks of blue ice is captivating them all. DAY 2 PHONECAST TRANSCRIPT: Hello from the JellyBear Tent! this is Esma, and Fritha.  So... Read More

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Jon G’s 7in4 II: VINSON

Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> The first peak in this World-Record attempt, with the Record clock commencing once they reached the summit SUMMIT & PROJECT 7in4 CLOCK STARTS: 16th January 2018 at 19:00 UTC AIM – To successfully & safely climbing the highest mountain on every continent. TIME FRAME – The date in which to complete the 7 Summits & beat the current 126-day record is 22nd May 2018 at 19:00 UTC. Mt Vinson 4892m is the highest mountain in Antarctica & was the first... Read More


Montane Spine Race Organiser Sets New World Record

Scott Gilmour, organiser of the Montane Spine Race and old friend of Montane was recently part of a 3 man British expedition that set a new speed record for an unsupported crossing the world’s largest (by volume) freshwater lake, Siberia’s Lake Baikal. The team covered a distance of around 640km (497 miles) in 12 12 days, 21 hours and 13 minutes, finishing on Wednesday 14 March at 02:08 local time. The trio beat the previous record of 13 days and 16 hours, set by Kevin Vallely and Ray Zahab in 2010,... Read More


Vinson IV: Side Trip to Mt Shinn

< Previous Page          Next Page > A Good Way To Spend A Rest Day Today was planned to be a rest / acclimatisation day at High Camp. Thankfully one of our guides agreed to take myself and one other guy from our group on a side trip across to Mt Shinn. The views from High Camp are spectacular but it’s not the sort of place you want to sit around and just admire the view. You either want to be moving to generate body heat, or... Read More


Vinson III: Low Camp to High Camp

< Previous Page          Next Page > Getting Higher. Getting Colder. Today we climbed from Low Camp to High Camp. The route started out once more along the Branscomb Glacier. Relatively flat easy walking for the first hour. From there we headed up a steepish ridge, approx. 40 to 45deg to a plateau at High Camp. It was pretty easy climbing with hard packed snow underfoot. There were fixed ropes in place up the ridge which we could clip in to for safety but a pretty easy... Read More


VINSON I: Welcome to Antarctica

<Home Page          Next Page > The Flight South Last night for some reason in the hotel I barely slept. Probably a combination of still adjusting to the new time zone plus anticipation for the day ahead (and my roommate snoring). Lying in bed awake at 06:00 I decided it was pointless trying to get any more sleep so got up and went to the hotel gym. We were meant to be flying to Antarctica this morning but based on last night’s weather forecast at the pre-departure... Read More