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Dragon’s Back Kit list

We are all serious about endurance. Check out the recommended kit for one of the UK’s premier ultra-endurance events – the Montane Dragon’s Back. Designed to keep you going Further. Faster. for its 380km of distance and 17,400m of ascent over six days: PACKS A pack with a decent volume of carry space will be vital to carry all the kit required. The NEW Gecko VP20+ is an ideal option for those who want to carry more, whilst the Gecko VP12+ will be perfect for those going fast and light.... Read More

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Summer Spine Kit List

The Summer Spine is not without its challenges. Storms, freezing temperatures and all-round terrible conditions are a constant theme along the Pennine Way. Your kit needs to keep you comfortable and efficient for a VERY long time, across a VERY wide range of conditions: BASE LAYERS Protracted efforts such as the Summer Spine require many hours on the trail, and the heat of the day (this years is looking like a scortcher) can be quickly lost at night or on the tops. As such, base layer choice needs to be... Read More

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Montana Hull 24hrs Kit List

GECKO VP12+ – This is my favourite piece of gear, I love my vest pack. I don’t go anywhere without it. It has so many pockets and I can easily get to my water, phone and those all important snacks (ultras are a running buffet!). BLADE T-SHIRT Style and colour looks great! KATLA PULL-ON This is the ultimate running long sleeve. Warm but also super breathable. Long in the body so doesn’t ride up, thumb holes to keep your hands warm (and makes you feel awesome). Fits great and the... Read More

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Summer Spine Kit List

The Summer Spine is a peculiar beast. Often overshadowed by its bigger, gnarlier sibling, the challenges of the summer race can be easily overlooked and has caught out many hapless Spiners over the years. Yes, it is in ‘Summer’, but this is the summer of Northern England, on the Pennine Way. Already typically unpredictable conditions are exacerbated to extremes by the wide spectrum of environments racers are exposed to. What could be blissfull sunshine in lakeland valleys can transition into wintery storms on the peaks and plateaus through which the... Read More

howard dracup | montane 01/07/2019
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HOWARD DRACUP: Brecon Beacons 100 Kit List

Here’s my kit list I chose to either wear, carry or have in my drop bag for versatility/change in weather! Pre, during & post race: Montane Transition 40L Holdall Kit Bag Montane VIA Razor 15L Running Vest Pack Montane Razor Running Shorts Montane VIA Sun Visor Montane Men’s Featherlite Trail Vest Montane Power Dry Gloves Montane VIA Fang 5L Running Vest Pack Montane Dragon Pull-On Fleece Jacket Montane VIA Gecko Running Vest Pack Montane Cadenza Cap Montane Allez Micro Fleece Hoodie Montane Primino 140 T-Shirt Montane Minimus Stretch Ultra Waterproof... Read More

arctic ultra clothing | montane 24/01/2019
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Running 430 miles through the Yukon Arctic is no mean feat. Having clothing that is fit for purpose will make all the difference: warm yet breathable, light and packable yet tough enough to survive the temperatures. Simple, intuitive features are preferred to increase efficiency and usability when cold and fatigue takes hold. Javed has tested and tweaked his clothing system over the course of months. In December 2018, he ran the 55-mile Montane Cheviot Goat Ultra twice back-to-back, in an attempt to replicate the levels of exhaustion he would be... Read More