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becks ferry wales climbing | montane 04/09/2020
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Domestic Practice for the Greater Ranges

Becks Ferry – already an accomplished ultra-marathon runner, is continuing her transition into mountaineering with an ambitious new project of climbing the 6812m Ama Dablam. She kicks off her campaign with a number of days under the tutelage of Montane athlete Jon Gupta and, like the explorers of the early 20th century, they use iconic routes in North Wales to recreate technical conditions and practice routines. Having visited the Himalayas a handful of times now and been fortunate enough to both run, trek and compete there, I have always had... Read More

ukc competition winner report | montane 31/08/2020
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Gupta Comp Winner

There I was again, mindlessly filling in my details to yet another UKC competition. Do people even win these things? Of course they do, Jake has won two of them already! Lucky so and so… Fast forward to the start of May. Another perfect weather day in the depths of lockdown and still, at this point, climbing is off the cards. An email falls into my inbox “You’ve won a UKC competition!”. I let out an embarrassing squeal of excitement and quickly open it up. £500 worth of Montane gear... Read More

jon gupta further faster podcast | montane 25/06/2019


Welcome to Further, Faster, in association with Montane and hosted by Daniel Neilson. In this episode, we speak to Jon Gupta. He is a mountaineer. A very, very good mountaineer, one who specialises in very very big mountains. But he’s also an expedition guide, notably working with a previous interviewee Steve Plain for his 7 Summits project. He’s a penchant for more remote, lesser-known mountains. But over the last couple of years, he’s also run the Bob Graham round, and the the 430-Yukon Arctic Ultra.. on his second attempt. We... Read More

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Project 7in4 Break ‘7 Summits’ World Record

< Previous Page          Next Page > MONTANE SUPPORTED ‘PROJECT 7in4’ EXPEDITION SUMMIT MOUNT EVEREST, SETTING NEW ‘7 SUMMITS’ WORLD RECORD Having already ticked 6 of the 7 required summits off in good time, the expedition’s goal to break the ‘7Summits’ world speed record was achieved in the early hours of this morning, when Steve Plain and Montane Athlete Jon Gupta summited Mount Everest a full 9 days ahead of the previous world record. The ‘7 Summits’ is a pre-existing challenge to summit the tallest peak on... Read More

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Jon Gupta’s 7in4: EVEREST iii

Weather, wind, socialising & the waiting game… Tour of Basecamp by 7in4 founder, project leader and all-round powerhouse Steve Plain (taken between laps of Kalapathar) Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> Most teams are now finished with their acclimatisation rotations. Some are resting at basecamp & some have dropped a day or so lower down the valley to Pangboche 4000m or Namche 3400m to rest & recover quicker. The forecast is predicting strong winds for another 3-4 days at least & then maybe (that’s a big... Read More

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Jon Gupta’s 7in4: EVEREST II

Eschewing the tedium of basecamp, Team tin4 attempt a feat that epitomizes the ambition of the project and exemplifies the incredible drive and athleticism of the team. Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> NUPTSE 7861m attempt On Tuesday 1st Steve, Tim, Adam & I, alongside Pemba & Cheddi Sherpa headed round from Everest Camp 2 6350m to the other side of the Western Cwm to Nuptse Camp 3 6830m in just under 3 hours. We dug out 2 tent platforms next to the 3 tents from... Read More

jon gupta 7in4 everest 26/04/2018
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Jon Gupta’s 7in4: EVEREST I

Living on the face of the world’s tallest mountain for 8 days so far, acclimatisation is the name of the game.  That and dealing with the time-consuming logistics and weather watching that is synonymous with the iconic mountain. Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> Day 11 on Everest & all set to go! After flying into Lukla 2800m on 15th April & blasting up to Basecamp 5300m in just 3 days, we’ve spent the past 8 days acclimatising on Everest… 19th – We took a day... Read More

jon g 7in4 Track Jon Gupta 22/04/2018
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Track Jon Gupta During final 7in4 Summit: Everest

For the duration of the final  7IN4 summit attempt, Jon will be wearing a GPS tracker which allows you to follow his progress in near real-time. Updated every 20 minutes, the tracker shows his (and the rest of Team 7in4’s) location on this iconic and deadly mountain in satellite imagery rendered 3D, complete with overlays of geographical, local features, and even photos taken by previous adventurers. https://3d.realitymaps.de/MountEverest/?run=show-lt&tracker=123123

jon g 7in4 DENALI 21/04/2018
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Jon Gupta’s 7in4 VIII: DENALI

Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> Denali in Alaska is the highest mountain in North America & was always going to be the crux of the entire project. Most people assume Everest would be but it’s not – especially when attempting Denali out of season! Exped dates – 21st March to 6th April Summit – 3rd April (Day 77 of Project 7in4!)’ It is highly regarded as one of the coldest & harshest mountains on earth. On top of this, we (Steve, Rob, Chris & myself)... Read More

jon g 7in4 ELBRUS 20/04/2018
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Jon Gupta’s 7in4 VII: ELBRUS

Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> The brilliant Elbrus is regarded as the 2nd easiest of the 7 Summits (after Kilimanjaro) & is also the 3rd lowest (after Carstenz & Vinson). Expedition dates: March 9th – 16th, 2018 After a couple of weeks off in Australia (post-Carstenz) we began another huge flight link up from Sydney to Moscow & onwards to Min Vody. From here its a 3-hour drive to the tiny ski village of Cheget! Having been here 11 times before this was all very... Read More