Franco Cookson

TGO Magazine terra pants | montane 17/02/2020
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Versatility is its own Specialism

The Montane Terra Pants have once again been awarded ‘The Great Outdoors Magazine’s ‘Best Buy’ Rosette. Terra pants have been around for a while, but remain everyone’s go-to outdoor pant. We catch up with our product design and athlete teams to find out why. Since their introduction in 2001, the Terra Pants have been the mainstay outdoor pant for anyone wanting to do pretty much anything outdoors due to a comprehensive feature set. Their manifold construction, comprising of lightweight and breathable main fabric with durable reinforcement panels produces a low... Read More

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FRANCO COOKSON: 14 Lives, 13 Souls

Montane Ambassador Franco Cookson finds peace amongst technical Cornish granite despite the sadness of its past. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of waking up to the bright summer sun as it starts to make its way through the tent canvass: I half want to go back to sleep, but I’m getting excited at what the day will bring. Eventually, the lure of a nice cup of tea outweighs the desire to stay languishing in piles of soft blankets. It’s early and despite the Cornish sun making me feel quite... Read More