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Surviving the Lakes

In the wake of this summers’ lockdown, experienced arctic expeditionist Ash Routen chose a more domestic and, at least on paper, relaxing mini expedition. His experience was a masterclass in Lake District appreciation. It was also a timely reminder that more than ever, we need the outdoors as a welcome distraction from the slightly chaotic and unstable world around us. Lockdown hit only a few days before a friend and I were due to fly out and spend a month or so dragging a sledge along the frozen coastline of... Read More

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“So when are you off on your shakedown trip Ash?” asked a North American friend. Shakedown sounds like an unwanted pat down at Airport security to me. However, this alien term actually refers to a short training trip to test out equipment and dust off your skillset. And so in late February, I headed to the Hardangervidda Plateau in Norway, to do a shakedown of my Arctic travel skills in preparation for a 35-day ski along the sea ice of Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. This was my third-time... Read More