Pac Lite Plus Jacket review | montane 20/11/2019


Montane Ambassador Kenny Block uses his Pac Lite Plus Jacket during a sudden downpour on Sale Fell. As soon as the sun set, the rain started to pour.  The Pac Plus Jacket utilises Gore-Tex Pac Plus waterproof fabric, which keeps it very light and packable whilst remaining waterproof and breathable. Because of this, it’s been my go-to ‘just-in-case’ shell, sitting at the bottom of my pack, unnoticeable but ready to go. It’s a very low-risk strategy: so light you don’t notice, and immensely satisfying when it’s needed. Such a day... Read More

katy parrott mt kazbek blog | montane 19/12/2018
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As an Army Reservist, it’s not all camouflage, crawling through mud and press ups. Of course, there is a lot of that, but there are also opportunities to develop yourself through adventurous training – something we call AT (everything has an acronym in the military).  During my 2 years serving as a reservist I have been fortunate enough to wangle myself on to 4 mountaineering trips already; ski-touring in the French Alps, trekking in the Caucasus Mountains, winter mountaineering skills in the Scottish Highlands, and most recently a high-altitude expedition... Read More

Further. Faster. Podcast. Episode 7 - Katy Parrott | Montane 02/11/2018
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Welcome to the Further. Faster. Podcast, in association with Montane, the FREE podcast that asks ultra athletes, mountaineers and adventurers the why and the how of what they do. CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD This month we talk to Katy Parrott. Participation in the BBC programme Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week changed Katy’s life for the better, and has since been described as ‘Tinkerbell crossed with the Terminator’. Her immense, well-rounded fitness marries seamlessly with a nose for adventure and an iron will, enabling her to cross disciplines such as... Read More

jen scotney races the cappadocia ultra | montane 31/10/2018
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We set off with the 120km runners and wound up through the steep streets out of the town. I had actually started nearish the front so a few people were coming past me, yet I was going past others that walked the hill. We soon turned off the road and started the next 39 miles of dusty winding trails which made for an absolutely stunning race. There were a few bottlenecks at canyons at the start but otherwise, I got into my rhythm, plodding along, waiting for the first of... Read More

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The second part of this year has been a lesson in patience, in moderation for me, in realising I’m not as invincible as a couple of good races can make me feel. I had always said 2018 would be about the Northern Traverse and it was, and thinking I would want a break from running and training after that I had said no more races for 2018. 1  TRAINING          2  NERVES          3  THE RACE          4  AFTERMATH Had. As... Read More

tom kahler fastpacking chasing the alpine sun 08/10/2018


During a smash-and-grab trip to the Alps, Brand Ambassador Tom Kahler reflects that Fastpacking is as much a state of mind as a means of moving through the mountains. Fellow Brand Ambassador Elliot Simpson in his Future Lite Hoodie. Follow Tom’s adventures: <Previous Page          Next Page> I always find packing very difficult.  In many ways, the success of an outing in the mountains can be decided at home by what I put in my bag.  The problem is that photography equipment is heavy and bulky, and... Read More

jen scotney pre-race nerves cappadocia ultra | montane 02/10/2018
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Marcus says I’m an anxious traveller and maybe I am a bit; I don’t like all the stages of air travel and a full day to travel there, and one on the way back, seems a lot when days off are precious. I also had an important Parole Hearing for work on the day I got back. This one was 170 miles away and for a young person I have represented for 10 years. My work still means something to me, even if I find my focus elsewhere at times.... Read More



Montane Ambassador Jen Scotney talks entertainingly of the connection between mind and body, and how running improves all aspects of life if you are willing to put the miles in.  Click the image to listen on Buzzsprout Welcome to Episode 5 Further, Faster, a monthly podcast in association with Montane. This is the podcast that takes a deeper look into why, and how, ultra athletes, explorers and mountaineers do what they do. This month, host Daniel Neilson speaks to Montane ambassador and ultra runner Jen Scotney. Jen is a remarkable... Read More

brad matthews featherlite smock limited edition at chrome hill | Montane 21/08/2018
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Twilight in the Peaks

Armed with only a camera and a Featherlite Smock Limited Edition, Brad Matthews and friends took to the dramatic hills of the southern Peak District. (Click on any of the images for more information on the Featherlite Smock Limited Edition) A couple of days after a long weekend in Snowdonia, myself, Tom Kahler, Josh Kilby and Gee Milner decided to take advantage of the summer weather and head to one of the Peak District’s most epic landmarks for a sunset and blue hour shoot. From the French ‘l’heure bleue’,  the... Read More