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KILIMANJARO II: Summit and Back

< Previous Page          Next Page > A Windy Night in Kosovo Camp Tuesday night at Kosovo Camp the wind blew strong all night. In the strongest gusts my tent would lay over covering me in fabric, then pop up again when it eased off. That combined with the constant rustle of the tent flapping in the wind made it difficult to sleep. At about 23:30 I heard voices outside. Sticking my head out the tent door I saw a large team slowly creeping up the hill.... Read More


MONTANE Yukon Arctic Ultra: 100 mile Race Review

International Mountain Leader Michelle Smith was the only female finisher of the 100 mile route of the MONTANE Yukon Arctic Ultra.  This is her story: On 29th January I found myself at Heathrow airport wrestling with my pulk (sledge) bag and a holdall on the way to check in for my flight to Whitehorse via Vancouver. To say I felt nervous is an understatement. I had been into work that morning to try to take my mind off the race but failed miserably as that is all I talked about!... Read More

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Tom Kahler: Sleepless in Snowdonia

Tom and his friend Elliot spent an intrepid night atop Glyder Fawr during the ‘Beast from the East’ to catch the sunrise.  His experience – and resulting pictures – proving the sanguine nature of the outdoors.  Follow Tom’s adventures: <Previous Page          Next Page> Endurance takes many forms, and is typically affiliated with the physical, involving a vast amount of physical pain and discomfort.  This notion can easily be thought of as animalistic attrition; is the finite amount of determination you have to keep going greater than the finite time... Read More


BAIML Test Team Interview: Kirsty Brien

International Mountain Leader Michelle Smith recently caught up with the newly appointed BAIML Montane Test Team Member Kirsy Brien: Yorkshire born and bred Kirsty has lived in Canada, France and South Korea before moving to the Northern Pennines, an undiscovered mecca for all things outdoors. For the last 8 years Kirsty has lectured in Adventure Sports and spends as much time as she can avoiding being in the classroom. She set up her own adventure activity company in 2012 which focuses on working with the Princes Trust as well as... Read More


KILIMANJARO I: Up to High Camp

< Previous Page          Next Page > The Travel Is Harder Than The Climbing For Climb No.3, Kilimanjaro, we had to make our way from Mendoza, Argentina to Moshi, Tanzania. Just a quick hop across the Atlantic Ocean….. Right?….. Wrong! To say I had been dreading this leg is an understatement. Our itinerary read: Mendoza to Buenos Aires – Flight time 1hr 35min; Layover 5hr 35min Buenos Aires to New York – Flight time 10hrs 53min; Layover 2hrs 42min New York to London – Flight time 6hrs... Read More


MONTANE Announce BAIML Test Team

As part of Montane’s commitment to develop outstanding clothing and equipment for the mountains, our product development programme has expanded to include a test team selected from members of Montane’s brand partner the British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML). International Mountain Leaders travel the globe leading expeditions for both clients and their own love of adventure.  As such, the variety of disciplines they employ, and the range of environments they operate in, create immensely well rounded and competent outdoor operator. This means they know what they need to achieve... Read More

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Aconcagua IV: Trek Out and Wrap Up

< Previous Page          Next Page > Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…. Sitting in Aconcagua Base Camp Sunday night enjoying a nice BBQ after our successful summit we faced a dilemma….we were over a week ahead of schedule, what should we do with our spare time? With a speed record attempt you’d normally want to just keep pushing ahead as fast as possible, but unfortunately, we can’t. There are two main reasons for that: We have a fixed date planned for the Rotary Kosciusko Wheelchair Summit Challenge. A date... Read More

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Aconcagua III: Summit Push

< Previous Page          Next Page > Wind, Wind and More Wind After a couple of days climbing up and down acclimatising, Friday we just kicked back in Base Camp relaxing and trying to pick a good weather window for our summit push. On the lower slopes it’s not too critical, but bad weather as you push higher can make for a miserable day out and feel very cold. There are several mountain weather forecasts available free online which we’d been monitoring. They all varied so it... Read More


Aconcagua II: Acclimatisation

< Previous Page          Next Page > Why Waste Time Acclimatising? Since arriving at Aconcagua Base Camp (Plaza de Mulas) last Tuesday, we’ve spent the past few days acclimatizing. But why do we need to acclimatise? At 6962m, Aconcagua is the 2nd highest mountain out of the 7 Summits and the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas. It is not an overly technical climb by the route we are taking but the altitude does make it a serious undertaking. For us normal sea level... Read More


MACCF Expedition Report: Shimshal 2017

In August 2017, four friends and experienced expedition climbers traveled to the Shimshal valley in northern Pakistan to spend three weeks looking for unclimbed peaks.  This bold plan saw the team living above 4400m after 4 days, and reaching the summits of a number of mountains between 5800m-6000m. Click here for a comprehensive expedition report. promising stunning landscapes and unclimbed 6000m peaks just a few days walk from the road. We were sold. The team (left-to-right): George Cave (UK), Sajad Ali (Assistant Chef, Pakistan), Steve Carratt (UK), Ross Davidson (UK),... Read More