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Elbrus I: Acclimatisation

< Previous Page          Next Page > Can They Make It Any More Difficult? Given the complexities of the Russian visa application process, you could be forgiven for thinking they don’t want any visitors… Ok, so I can hear you saying, “Why weren’t you more organized and apply for the visa before you started the trip, rather than leaving it till the last minute?” Well, that again comes down to their regulations. You see, for Australians, you can’t apply for a Russian visa until you are within... Read More

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Tom Ballard: Cerro Torre II

Continue Tom’s Patagonian adventure: Cerro Torre I          Cerro Torre III          Cerro Torre IV   Patience is a Virtue That’s been our problem, the wind. Patience… Waiting for ‘weather windows’ down in the ‘mini Cham’ of El Chalten is too good a thing really. You can go for a beer or a coffee and catch up on social media before heading to the crags or bountiful boulders. I started out my climbing ‘career’ way back when I was a nipper, bouldering. I haven’t done much... Read More

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Kosciuszko I: Kosciuszko Summit Wheelchair Challenge

< Previous Page          Next Page > Why Kosciuszko? Ok, so the first question is, “Why climb Kosciuszko? Doesn’t that make eight summits?” Well yes, it does make eight 7 Summits which granted, doesn’t make a lot of sense. But it all comes down to the definition of a continent. There are geographical continents defined by landmass on a single tectonic plate, there are political continents defined but country borders, and a whole lot of other variations. When it comes to the 7 Summits, there are actually... Read More

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#MYMONTANE Competition launched!

Tell us the stories you’ve shared with Montane equipment or clothing for a chance to win £150 worth of Montane kit. We are with you not just for the summit, but the slog, the race not just the finish.  Every time you thought it was too wet, windy or cold to step out but did so anyway. Every time you committed to a line and every time you failed until you succeeded. We are as much a part of your story as you are ours. To commemorate 25 years pushing... Read More

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Carstensz III: A Quick Summit

< Previous Page          Next Page > Heli to Base Camp Wednesday morning (21st February) Jon and I got up early, at around 04:30, in preparation for our flight to Carstensz. Breakfast at the local hotel was less than appetizing. It was a small buffet thing in the mess hall with a limited selection of mainly local dishes. I tried a bit of it but it wasn’t going down really well. Fortunately, they had some bread, butter and chocolate sprinkles at one end of the table so... Read More


TOM BALLARD: Cerro Torre I

Continue Tom’s Patagonian adventure: Cerro Torre II          Cerro Torre III          Cerro Torre IV   Cerro Torre Reflections The goal is to climb a new route on Cerro Torre. I am already here in wonderful (and windy) Patagonia, sussing out the approach and getting to know this incredible area better. My climbing partner Marcin is due to arrive in a weeks time (when the weather will almost undoubtedly break), and we will begin our assault. Well, actually first we will have to get ourselves... Read More


New ranges for Spring 2018!

Never resting on our laurels, our NEW Spring/Summer 2018 range has landed.  With redevelopment across our entire VIA Trail Series running range, reimaging of our mountain daypacks and exciting developments across our clothing range for climbers and mountain walkers alike, this promises to be one of our most exciting seasons to date. Re-imagined and re-invented from top to toe with elite athlete input and forged amongst the world’s most brutal endurance events. The NEW VIA Trail Series range sets the benchmark for performance off-road running clothing and packs. All NEW day and trekking packs... Read More


Carstensz II: Travelling to Tamika

< Previous Page          Next Page > Travel Warning – “Reconsider Your Need to Travel to Papua and West Papua” Before boarding our plane for Tamika (located in Papua province, Indonesia) I jumped on the Australian Government Smart Traveler Website to see what they had to say. This is the advice they had for travelers: Reconsider your need to travel to Papua and West Papua provinces where there are regular violent clashes between the police and military and armed groups. Many clashes have resulted in the deaths... Read More


BAIML Test Team Interview: Julia Tregaskis-Allen

International Mountain Leader Michelle Smith recently caught up with the newly appointed BAIML Montane Test Team Member Julia Tregaskis-Allen: Julia’s passion for adventure, travel and exploring the outdoors spans for over 20 years, leading her to a career as an International Mountain Leader & BASI Nordic Ski Teacher. Julia focusses her work guiding and organising adventure travel holidays (trail running, cross-country skiing, hiking and snowshoeing) through her business Tracks and Trails. Julia has led treks and expeditions across Africa, South America, the Alps, Scandinavia and the Himalayas. Julia is married... Read More


Carstensz I: Trip in Jeopardy

< Previous Page          Next Page > Spare Day In Tanzania Last Friday we had a spare day at the lodge in Moshi, Tanzania before departing for our flight to Bali. After 4 days high on Kilimanjaro it was nice to just relax in the warmth by the pool, but also managed a short jog around the local country side in the afternoon. Jogging along the dirt roads I did attract a few strange looks, particularly from the local kids, one of them even paced me on... Read More