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Regardless of what you are into, kit invariably forms an important facet of what you do.  It helps us get the most out of what we do; pushing ourselves, going further. Faster. With the festive season rapidly dawning there is an opportunity to replenish the accoutrements which help us indulge our passion, replacing the well-worn staples or long-lost accessories of those we love. This compilation of products includes trusty old-school classics, ultra-versatile new pieces, useful must-haves, and more relaxed additional paraphernalia and should have something for everyone. We’ve compiled some... Read More


Series 2 Further. Faster. Podcast. ep – 1

Welcome back to series 2 of theFurther. Faster. Podcast in association with Montane! Yep, we’re back to our monthly schedule with host Daniel Neilson after a break and we’ve started off with two fascinating guests: first to Hamish Frost, a photographer who specialises in taking pictures in rubbish Scottish mountain weather… that’s to say, the best mountain weather! We learn about he became a professional outdoor photographer and his inspirations. Continuing the theme of professional development, our main interview is with the remarkable Becky Coles. Becky is an expedition leader... Read More

jon gupta alpine resolve talibalan | montane 03/11/2020
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Until Another Day

Jon Gupta recounts a halcyon climb of Talibalan (V6***) with fellow Montane athlete Malcolm Bass towards the end of last years Scottish winter season: The adventure started early. Scottish winter climbs always do. Dark, wild and with the familiar feeling of fear and adventure sat deep in my stomach. Even after years of winter climbing and mountaineering those feelings of anticipation and uncertainty are always present. Malcolm, Hamish and I jumped into my van and we drove the extra few kilometres to the end of an unfamiliar track. Packs heavy,... Read More

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Steve Parr Round FKT Report

Towards the end of summer Montane Ambassador Howard Dracup pulled off the unimaginable, breaking a course record for the Steve Parr Round which had stood for over 30 years. What makes his achievement all the more remarkable is that the attempt was thrown together in under a week! I’d first come to hear about the Steve Parr Round earlier in the year when Paul Nelson completed it in July. The challenge is to run approximately 118 miles and 45,000ft of climb in under 48 hours. I thought WOW what an... Read More

prism ultra pull on review | montane 29/10/2020
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Prism Ultra Pull-On Review

As much as I wanted to keep this one as a secret all to myself, here’s one of my new favourite pieces of kit “The prism ultra pull-on”. It comes in my pack with me on all my long runs- rain or shine. I’ve been waiting for something like this from montane for a long time. If you’re familiar with the original prism jacket, imagine that but a revamped version – stripped back of what it doesn’t need from a runners perspective.  Weighing in at a mere 200g it’s perfect... Read More

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Go Further. Faster. With Montane and Jenny Tough

To get you inspired about our beautiful outdoor spaces, and to give some tips on the best ways to move through them, we spoke to Jenny Tough – Montane Athlete and a world leader in Fastpacking. Fastpacking is the new way of moving through the outdoors that involves a combination of running, hiking, and camping. It requires great fitness, immense grit, and very robust fueling and layering strategies. However, there are aspects of fastpacking that will help inform and hopefully improve the way you hike in our beautiful natural spaces.... Read More

Pac plus waterproof jacket | montane 22/09/2020
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In Search of Wild Things

In the far north of England, huddled against the Scottish border and looking out unflinchingly at the North Sea lies a primitive yet often overlooked wilderness. A rarely-awarded panorama shows the hills share the same pockmarked muscularity of the Cairngorms. To many these vistas are beautiful. To others, bleak. The mist and mizzle lift so rarely an agreement is yet to be reached. It is an uncompromising amalgam of bogs, moss, and stone. Water oozes down porous valleys overlooked by scree-scattered slopes below wind scarred summits. Its heathery peat, once... Read More

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Surviving the Lakes

In the wake of this summers’ lockdown, experienced arctic expeditionist Ash Routen chose a more domestic and, at least on paper, relaxing mini expedition. His experience was a masterclass in Lake District appreciation. It was also a timely reminder that more than ever, we need the outdoors as a welcome distraction from the slightly chaotic and unstable world around us. Lockdown hit only a few days before a friend and I were due to fly out and spend a month or so dragging a sledge along the frozen coastline of... Read More

alpine spirit review | montane 16/09/2020
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Alpine Spirit Review

The Alpine Spirit is a serious workhorse of a jacket. Built for uncompromising abuse and long, tough days, it is rugged and uncomplicated. Fitting then that it is named after Montane Athlete Becky Coles’ project to be the first all-female team to summit all Alpine 4000ers. An outstandingly well-designed jacket. Which came as a relief – when I was told they were naming a jacket after our project to climb all the Alpine 49000m peaks (check out Project Alpine Spirit here) I was a bit worried. What if it wasn’t... Read More

new winter kit | montane 16/09/2020

New Season Kit

Winter is on its way, and with it comes with the adversity, drama, and challenge we look forward to. We want Check out some of our new gear to help squeeze as much as possible out of the shortening days. Continuing our culture of innovation, we have a series of developments this year that explore and develop our ‘lightweight without compromise’ ethos. Developments with longstanding partners such as Gore-Tex have created clothing and equipment which blurs the line between specialist technicality and versatility. Our remit remains the same; to go... Read More