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Summer Spine Kit List

The Summer Spine is a peculiar beast. Often overshadowed by its bigger, gnarlier sibling, the challenges of the summer race can be easily overlooked and has caught out many hapless Spiners over the years. Yes, it is in ‘Summer’, but this is the summer of Northern England, on the Pennine Way. Already typically unpredictable conditions are exacerbated to extremes by the wide spectrum of environments racers are exposed to. What could be blissfull sunshine in lakeland valleys can transition into wintery storms on the peaks and plateaus through which the... Read More

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Marcus Scotney’s Limestone Way FKT Kit

Montane Athlete Marcus Scotney broke the 46-mile Limestone Way FKT this Easter Saturday (3 April 2021) with a time of 6hrs 18mins – 3hrs 23mins faster than the previous record which stood since 2016. It was a lean, fast, attempt, with an emphasis on maintaining speed and limited down-time spent changing layers and resupplying. This is reflected in the kit Marcus chose; a core of versatile layers and accessories was supplemented with super packable and lightweight shell layers that were intended to stay in his pack until absolutely necessary. RUNNING... Read More

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Gecko Ultra V+

The new Montane Gecko Ultra V+ is a perfect synergy of science and practical experience. Combining clothing and pack expertise to create a trail running vest pack of elegant simplicity and technical capability. ‘It’s radically different from anything I’ve ever used.  It’s got that cross between running clothing and a pack – nothing I’ve seen before” –Montane Athlete Debbie Martin-Consani. Designed for performance, the Gecko Ultra V+’s minimalist design removes distraction and restriction.  A close active fit that is breathable and comfortable, whilst multiple easy access pockets allow for efficient fuel... Read More

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Versatile Kit for Days of Adventure

Multi-activity days are a great way to get the most of your time outdoors. Overcoming a variety of challenges in a short space of time is rewarding and fun.  A simple, well-considered kit strategy will allow you to carry less yet do more. You need kit that can perform at a high level across a number of different disciplines. Favouring versatility over specialisation will create a simple yet robust layering system that will transition through activities without compromising performance or comfort. We call it ‘Carry less. Do more. BASE LAYERS... Read More


Carry Less. Do More.

Our kit allows you to be fully immersed in the moment. Intuitively placed features and passive technologies ensure you move free from distraction, focusing on what is important, and increasing what you can get done in a day. Carrying less and doing more allows you to embrace the simplicity of your goals and find comfort in the effort they take.  For most, our experience of the outdoors is dictated by time, bookended by the responsibilities of a modern world. What you can get done in – and get out of... Read More

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Protium Pull-On Review

Montane Ambassador Hannah Campbel of has found her new favourite piece of kit; the Protium Pull-On. Here’s why: The Protium uses Montane’s Thermo Grid fleece fabric with a brushed inner, which feels super comfortable and wicks moisture away well. It’s smooth outer face and close fit makes it an excellent layering piece. Comfort aside, the real plus for Hannah is the Protium’s overall useability. It’s simplicity – born of a refined but well considered feature set makes it incredibly versatile without sacrificing wearability. ” Whether you’re a daily mountain... Read More


Mother’s Day Gifts

Support is an important part of the outdoors, and there’s always someone you can rely on to share in the satisfaction of a summit, commiserations at the 100th failed attempt, and everything in between. This is the perfect way to show someone that you believe in them as much as they do you… MONTANE WOMEN’S PROTIUM FLEECE HOODIE The Montane Women’s Protium Fleece Hoodie’s combination of simple, efficient design and clever fabric technology makes it a simple, efficient, versatile and comfy mid-layer.  Perfect for taking the chill off early-summer summits... Read More


New Spring Range 21

We want kit that enables us to focus, to steel our drive against the unpredictability of the environments we love. To find comfort through experience, mental toughness, and physical ability. We seek the simplicity of a hard job done well, and the visceral rewards that go unseen. The new Montane spring range is the consolidation of 100’s of hours of R&D both in the studio and on the backs of professionals and athletes to ensure there is enough of what you need to accentuate your experiences in the mountains. Features... Read More


Love the Outdoors

rekindle your love of the outdoors. The sense of adventure and the feeling of freedom. Treat yourself or your loved one this valentines day. We are all united by our passions. Collectively striving to find comfort via the competent application of experience, mental toughness, and physical ability. We are only as strong as the bonds that bind us together. Take solace in what we have, and for looking to the future and the next sunrise, from whatever vantage point we find.⁠ ⁠ So here’s to the comradeship of experience over... Read More

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Arctic Essentials

Montane has been a proud sponsor of the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra for a long time now. With distances up to almost 700 km and temperatures as low as -50° Celsius it is billed as the world’s toughest and coldest ultra. We asked Race Director Robert Pollhammer to give us an overview of what his favourite Montane products are when it comes to facing this kind of an extreme challenge. Here is what he told us. I have known Montane and their products for a long time and I have... Read More