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6 weeks until Summer Spine Race 2021!

Starting 19th June, ‘Britain’s Most Brutal’ Summer Spine was intended by the race organisers to be the ‘fun’ versions of the infamous winter Spine, where racers are plunged into the bleak, beautiful and brutal Northern winter. However, the Summer race is not without its challenges. Storms, freezing temperatures and all-round terrible conditions are a constant theme along the Pennine Way. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. This year, in conjunction with the usual ‘full’ Spine and Challenger races, covering the Pennine Way in its entirety and the first... Read More

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Sharpnose: Winter Coast

Partnering up with ColdHouse and Pertex, we took a trip to one of the UK’s true hidden climbing gems; Lower Sharpnose. For many, a trip to the South West usually involves granite sea cliffs and maybe a spot of surfing. However, there is another reason to fill your tanks and make the drive down… Words: Montane Ambassador Tom NewberryPictures: Coldhouse & Pertex The north coast provides one of the most spectacular rock formations in the country, Lower Sharpnose. Hidden away below the watchful eyes of GCHQ Bude, many South West... Read More

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Marcus Scotney’s Limestone Way FKT Kit

Montane Athlete Marcus Scotney broke the 46-mile Limestone Way FKT this Easter Saturday (3 April 2021) with a time of 6hrs 18mins – 3hrs 23mins faster than the previous record which stood since 2016. It was a lean, fast, attempt, with an emphasis on maintaining speed and limited down-time spent changing layers and resupplying. This is reflected in the kit Marcus chose; a core of versatile layers and accessories was supplemented with super packable and lightweight shell layers that were intended to stay in his pack until absolutely necessary. RUNNING... Read More

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Lockdown Arete

When the pandemic arrived, I never really anticipated the impact it would have on my way of life. At first, my work as a Mountaineering Instructor came to a halt and I assumed it would just be a month or two before I was working back in the mountains. A few months later, I noticed toilet paper was being sold on the black market and Gwen down the road had started selling flour in paper bags out of her car boot. The chaos had exceeded my expectations to put it... Read More

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Summiting Ama Dablam

The culmination of over a years’ dedicated and highly specialised training, Montane ambassador Becks Ferry found herself and her team the only three people on the iconic 6802m peak in December 2020: 2020. For so many of us it could only be described as an annus horribilis. As I write this, 2021 hasn’t got off to the best of starts either. Personally, my year had more ups and downs than the Mendip Hills. To find myself bringing it to a close in the Himalayas was simply magical. I have written... Read More

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Surviving the Lakes

In the wake of this summers’ lockdown, experienced arctic expeditionist Ash Routen chose a more domestic and, at least on paper, relaxing mini expedition. His experience was a masterclass in Lake District appreciation. It was also a timely reminder that more than ever, we need the outdoors as a welcome distraction from the slightly chaotic and unstable world around us. Lockdown hit only a few days before a friend and I were due to fly out and spend a month or so dragging a sledge along the frozen coastline of... Read More

becks ferry wales climbing | montane 04/09/2020
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Domestic Practice for the Greater Ranges

Becks Ferry – already an accomplished ultra-marathon runner, is continuing her transition into mountaineering with an ambitious new project of climbing the 6812m Ama Dablam. She kicks off her campaign with a number of days under the tutelage of Montane Athlete Jon Gupta and, like the explorers of the early 20th century, they use iconic routes in North Wales to recreate technical conditions and practice routines. Having visited the Himalayas a handful of times now and been fortunate enough to both run, trek and compete there, I have always had... Read More

further faster podcast episode 16 jesse dufton | montane 06/11/2019
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In Further, Faster we have an in-depth conversation with explorers, mountaineers and athletes to understand exactly why, and how, they do what they do. What is it that pushes them to the limit of human endurance and why do they feel the need to do it. This time we’re speaking to Jesse Dufton. So who is Jesse? Well, he’s a climber. A good one. His dad first took him climbing at the 2. At the age of 11, he led his first route. His climbing life continued through his uni years,... Read More

further faster podcast episode 14 Jenny Graham | montane 29/08/2019
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Hello and welcome to Further, Faster in association with Montane. We started this podcast to delve into why mountaineers, explorers and endurance athletes do what they do. Why they push themselves, why they feel the need to put another foot forward or crank out another turn of the pedal. In this episode, we spoke to Jenny Graham, a Scottish endurance athlete. The resulting interview fulfilled everything we set out to do. In this searingly honest conversation, we learn about her record-breaking round the world cycle, how she got into riding... Read More

Gwynn Stokes Extreme 804 | montane 28/08/2019
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Cape Wrath to Edale FKT

‘Extreme 804’ is 804 miles of trails and mountains starting at Cape Wrath – the most northwesterly tip of Scotland – all the way down the Edale in Derbyshire start of the Pennine Way.  Here, Gwynn tells us the why and the how of this immense FKT attempt, due to commence 1st September. The idea came about two years ago, after the Montane Spine Race. My wife noticed a plaque on the wall in the Boarder Hotel saying ‘CW 400 and something’ miles. I can’t remember exactly how many, but... Read More