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Mark Kerry Dales Highway FKT

During the 6-7 May 2021 Montane Ambassador Mark Kerry set a new Dales Highway FKT of 20hrs 30mins 59secs. The Dales Highway is a 90-mile trail between Saltaire and Appleby-in-Westmorland. It effectively dissects the Yorkshire Dales National Park before crossing into the Lake District and has 4500m of Elevation. Upon finishing, Mark broke the previous FKT set by a team comprising of Mark Collinson, Matt Neale and Davie Dixon – a time of 26 hours and 15 minutes – back in 2017. Mark broke their record by 4hrs 45 minutes.... Read More

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Montane Dragon’s Back

We are serious about endurance. It’s fitting, therefore, that we are to commence sponsorship of one of the UK’s premier ultra-endurance events – the Montane Dragon’s Back – the year it extends its course to 380km of distance and 17,400m of ascent. The race will now also run over six days. Montane and the Dragon’s Back share a history of incredible feats of endurance, with Montane athletes setting the course record twice over the past 2 iterations of the race. Montane athlete Galen Reynolds currently holds the course record, and... Read More


Earth Day 2021

On this day we are taking stock of how we are trying to make a positive change to our environment. Since our founding in 1993, we’ve aimed to achieve the highest standards of performance in our products at the same time as maintaining a responsible approach to our business. We are committed to using our voice and gear to help preserve our wild spaces. Over the years this key tenet has expanded to include more direct activism via partnerships and support of specific initiatives. Such as: The Climate Project: A... Read More

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#respectthewild with BMC

As Britain escapes lockdown, home-grown adventure is set to explode this summer. But what special skills do you need to know if you’re heading up into the wilds of our hills and mountains? To help everyone Respect The Wild, the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) has launched a new series of advice codes and films that reveal the secrets for sustainable and successful wilderness trips. Our message is simple: it’s time to Respect The Wild. The BMC have produced expert advice on how to wild camp, how to stay in your... Read More

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Never Stood Still | CLIMB

We hear the irresistible call to adversity, and the compulsion to overcome it. The challenge is a hunger that can never truly be satiated.  In trying, we accomplish goals and feats we never dreamed of, yet we remain all firmly within its grasp.  It’s who we are, and just where we want to be. “I’m motivated by the freedom of being outside, and by being around people who share the same ambitions that I do. I love the danger, I love feeling fear and overcoming it. You have to be... Read More


Series 2 Further. Faster. Podcast. Ep – 4

For season 2, we’ve been loosely theming our podcasts and this one has a clear thread. Yes, our two guests are both involved with bouldering what we really wanted to speak about was community, how it’s built up and what other disciplines can learn from bouldering. Annie Martin is part of one of the UK’s most popular bouldering YouTube channels Bouldering Dabrats’, a filmmaker, and jointly runs Beta Magazine, online climbing and outdoors magazine aimed at women. Through the magazine and YouTube channel, she’s one of the figures who addresses... Read More

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Marcus Scotney’s Limestone Way FKT Kit

Montane Athlete Marcus Scotney broke the 46-mile Limestone Way FKT this Easter Saturday (3 April 2021) with a time of 6hrs 18mins – 3hrs 23mins faster than the previous record which stood since 2016. It was a lean, fast, attempt, with an emphasis on maintaining speed and limited down-time spent changing layers and resupplying. This is reflected in the kit Marcus chose; a core of versatile layers and accessories was supplemented with super packable and lightweight shell layers that were intended to stay in his pack until absolutely necessary. RUNNING... Read More

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Gecko Ultra V+

The new Montane Gecko Ultra V+ is a perfect synergy of science and practical experience. Combining clothing and pack expertise to create a trail running vest pack of elegant simplicity and technical capability. ‘It’s radically different from anything I’ve ever used.  It’s got that cross between running clothing and a pack – nothing I’ve seen before” –Montane Athlete Debbie Martin-Consani. Designed for performance, the Gecko Ultra V+’s minimalist design removes distraction and restriction.  A close active fit that is breathable and comfortable, whilst multiple easy access pockets allow for efficient fuel... Read More

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Versatile Kit for Days of Adventure

Multi-activity days are a great way to get the most of your time outdoors. Overcoming a variety of challenges in a short space of time is rewarding and fun.  A simple, well-considered kit strategy will allow you to carry less yet do more. You need kit that can perform at a high level across a number of different disciplines. Favouring versatility over specialisation will create a simple yet robust layering system that will transition through activities without compromising performance or comfort. We call it ‘Carry less. Do more. BASE LAYERS... Read More

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Down, Not Out: The Art of Being Injured

By Katy Parrott ‘I’m afraid you’ve probably done your ACL’, says the Doc. ‘I reckon I’ll still be good to go for the 4- miler tomorrow’, I replied, 20 minutes after the incident, high as a kite on fentanyl. From then on, if I had a tenner every time I heard, ‘You are going to be the worst patient ever’, I would be a millionaire right now. To start with I believed them, but I’ve actually surprised myself with how I’ve adjusted to the trials and tribulations of being injured,... Read More