From the BMC – All set for an early sunset?

Since the clocks go back this month, suddenly the Sunday evening sunset will arrive significantly earlier. It’s easy to be caught out. So to help, let’s shine a light on some steps you should take to avoid being unexpectedly out in the dark on the hills. In the UK, the clocks go back one hour at 2 am on the last Sunday in October, which is 29th October this year. It’s probably no coincidence that it’s also the time of year when many mountain rescue teams report an increase in... Read More

Midi-Plan ridge 16/10/2017

From the BMC – Winter Climbing, Cold Goals

What will this winter bring? Are you thinking of stepping up your grade and going for that dream classic – or perhaps you’re secretly hankering after a new route? Whatever your aspirations, we all know that UK winters are very fickle –you need to stack the odds in your favour. Andy Turner explains more. Check conditions If the climb’s not ‘in’ then you can forget everything else, so you need to do your homework to discover what conditions are best for your target. Ice routes take the longest to come... Read More

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“An amazing update on the fabric construction and WOW look at those pockets!!!” Click image to view product. KEVIN SAYS: Once again, these were my go to shorts choice for TDG. I changed from Black to Grey in Gressoney. These shorts just work! They fit well, the pockets are awesome and I only had to apply anti-chafe cream twice for the entire 330km. I had enough room in the new updated pockets to confidently stow away my trash and much of the trash I found along the trail from other... Read More