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Mark Kerry Dales Highway FKT

During the 6-7 May 2021 Montane Ambassador Mark Kerry set a new Dales Highway FKT of 20hrs 30mins 59secs. The Dales Highway is a 90-mile trail between Saltaire and Appleby-in-Westmorland. It effectively dissects the Yorkshire Dales National Park before crossing into the Lake District and has 4500m of Elevation. Upon finishing, Mark broke the previous FKT set by a team comprising of Mark Collinson, Matt Neale and Davie Dixon – a time of 26 hours and 15 minutes – back in 2017. Mark broke their record by 4hrs 45 minutes.... Read More

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6 weeks until Summer Spine Race 2021!

Starting 19th June, ‘Britain’s Most Brutal’ Summer Spine was intended by the race organisers to be the ‘fun’ versions of the infamous winter Spine, where racers are plunged into the bleak, beautiful and brutal Northern winter. However, the Summer race is not without its challenges. Storms, freezing temperatures and all-round terrible conditions are a constant theme along the Pennine Way. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. This year, in conjunction with the usual ‘full’ Spine and Challenger races, covering the Pennine Way in its entirety and the first... Read More

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Summer Spine Kit List

The Summer Spine is a peculiar beast. Often overshadowed by its bigger, gnarlier sibling, the challenges of the summer race can be easily overlooked and has caught out many hapless Spiners over the years. Yes, it is in ‘Summer’, but this is the summer of Northern England, on the Pennine Way. Already typically unpredictable conditions are exacerbated to extremes by the wide spectrum of environments racers are exposed to. What could be blissfull sunshine in lakeland valleys can transition into wintery storms on the peaks and plateaus through which the... Read More

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Montane Dragon’s Back

We are serious about endurance. It’s fitting, therefore, that we are to commence sponsorship of one of the UK’s premier ultra-endurance events – the Montane Dragon’s Back – the year it extends its course to 380km of distance and 17,400m of ascent. The race will now also run over six days. Montane and the Dragon’s Back share a history of incredible feats of endurance, with Montane athletes setting the course record twice over the past 2 iterations of the race. Montane athlete Galen Reynolds currently holds the course record, and... Read More

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BMC Hiking Essentials – Rachael Crewesmith’s Kit

Rachael has used Lightweight baselayers combined with heavy-duty shell and insulation layersto create a system that is durable in specific areas and breathable where it needs to be. In doing so, her kit list is versatile and tough. SHELL LAYERS Rachael has gone for a varied approach for her waterproofs, choosing a durable jacket to combat wear and tear, and lightweight breathable pants: Alpine Spirit Gtx Waterproof Jacket (men’s and women’s – click to view) Minimus Waterproof Pants (men’s and women’s – click to view) BASELAYERS Rachael’s base layers are... Read More


BMC Hiking Essentials – Stephen Trenier’s Kit

Stephen emphasises lightweight and versatility in his kit, with each piece being able to fulfil numerous roles e.g. waterproofs that are breathable enough to act as wind-shells if need be. When combined, this kit list creates a robust system that will maximise your time spent – and enjoyment of – the outdoors: SHELL LAYERS Our weather is unpredictable, but it need not limit your enjoyment of the outdoors, and waterproofs are worth packing even when rain isn’t likely. As such, Stephen’s waterproof choices offer a balance of good all-round protection... Read More

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BMC Women in Adventure Film Competition

Since its inception 7 years ago the BMC WIAFC has become a real fixture in the outdoor calendar. This year the field is looking strong as ever, with 32 new female-led adventure films available to watch. There are a number of ways your favourite film can win: 🏆 Most Watched AwardFor the most viewed on BMC Youtube Channel 🏆 Montane Women in Adventure Award 🏆 Make A Difference Award 🏆 Best Professional Film 🏆 Judges Special Mention Award The winners will be announced and screened at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2021, with the hope that... Read More


Earth Day 2021

On this day we are taking stock of how we are trying to make a positive change to our environment. Since our founding in 1993, we’ve aimed to achieve the highest standards of performance in our products at the same time as maintaining a responsible approach to our business. We are committed to using our voice and gear to help preserve our wild spaces. Over the years this key tenet has expanded to include more direct activism via partnerships and support of specific initiatives. Such as: The Climate Project: A... Read More

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#respectthewild with BMC

As Britain escapes lockdown, home-grown adventure is set to explode this summer. But what special skills do you need to know if you’re heading up into the wilds of our hills and mountains? To help everyone Respect The Wild, the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) has launched a new series of advice codes and films that reveal the secrets for sustainable and successful wilderness trips. Our message is simple: it’s time to Respect The Wild. The BMC have produced expert advice on how to wild camp, how to stay in your... Read More

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Never Stood Still | CLIMB

We hear the irresistible call to adversity, and the compulsion to overcome it. The challenge is a hunger that can never truly be satiated.  In trying, we accomplish goals and feats we never dreamed of, yet we remain all firmly within its grasp.  It’s who we are, and just where we want to be. “I’m motivated by the freedom of being outside, and by being around people who share the same ambitions that I do. I love the danger, I love feeling fear and overcoming it. You have to be... Read More