June 2021


Dragon’s Back Kit list

We are all serious about endurance. Check out the recommended kit for one of the UK’s premier ultra-endurance events – the Montane Dragon’s Back. Designed to keep you going Further. Faster. for its 380km of distance and 17,400m of ascent over six days: PACKS A pack with a decent volume of carry space will be vital to carry all the kit required. The NEW Gecko VP20+ is an ideal option for those who want to carry more, whilst the Gecko VP12+ will be perfect for those going fast and light.... Read More

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Summer Spine Kit List

The Summer Spine is not without its challenges. Storms, freezing temperatures and all-round terrible conditions are a constant theme along the Pennine Way. Your kit needs to keep you comfortable and efficient for a VERY long time, across a VERY wide range of conditions: BASE LAYERS Protracted efforts such as the Summer Spine require many hours on the trail, and the heat of the day (this years is looking like a scortcher) can be quickly lost at night or on the tops. As such, base layer choice needs to be... Read More

Show someone you believe in them this father’s day

Support is an important part of the outdoors, and there’s always someone you can rely on to share in the satisfaction of a summit, commiserations at the 100th failed attempt, and everything in between. This is the perfect way to show someone that you believe in them as much as they do you… LOGO T-SHIRTS We have a host of mountain-ready comfy cotton t-shirts – as at home in the wilds as they are in civilisation: DART T-SHIRT Super wicking and comfy, this is the ultimate versatile go-anywhere do-anything all-mountain... Read More