Lakeland 50 & 100

lakeland 50 start 2019 | montane

2021 marks the 14th annual edition of the Montane Ultra Tour of the Lake District. Racers compete non-stop across two-course distances – 100 miles (ML100) and 50 miles (ML50) taking in the picturesque yet unforgiving terrain of one of the UK’s most famous national parks, the Lake District.  Conditions will vary from hour to hour, with competitors needing to carry essential kit at all times.

Bodies will be battered, spirits will be tested and those that cross the finish line in Coniston will earn their status and become legends! 

“I am so grateful to be there and involved with such a brilliant atmosphere. I may be slightly biased as I have had some great experiences there, then again I have also had a not so good one, but the weekend really stands out as one of the best not just in the UK but out of all of the ones Kim and I have done overseas too, it is really special.”

– Jayson Cavill, Montane athlete

Jayson Cavill | montane
Jayson Cavill on his way to win the Montane Lakeland 50 in 2019 (click for more info)


Base layer choice needs to be able to perform during a wide gamut of cardiovascular outputs. Passive features such as wickability are vital for comfort, as well as part of a layering system to manage a variety of conditions.


The Lakeland has a number of checkpoints en route, allowing opportunities to refuel and replenish suplies. You do need to carry all the kit you will need, so a comfortable and efficient pack is vital. Our new Gecko range has something for everyone; from the fast-and-light to the slow-and-steady:


Conditions can be swing violently from freezing rain and snow to scortching heat, so everything from protection to breathability is important. Our range of legwear provides excellent protection whilst remaining breathable and comfortable:

NEW Dragon 5” Shorts (click to view)


Packability and lightweight is paramount. For harsher weather, the Minimus Stretch Ultra will be most people’s go-to, if you are chasing a PB, the super lightweight Podium Pull-On is the perfect choice:

Men’s and Women’s Minimus Stretch Ultra (click to view)
WATERPROOF: Podium Pull-On (click to view)


The Lakeland 50 & 100 Virtual Ultra Run will take place between the 14th and the 21st July 2021. There are two options: you can choose the Lakeland 50 or Lakeland 100 (actually 105 miles) distance and you have 7 days to complete the challenge. You can walk or run and you can walk/run as many time per day as you like.

Over the course of the 7 day event, we’ll have live daily updates, including the return of Foxcast every evening. In addition to the solo event, we’ll also be organising a free virtual challenge for primary and secondary schools, read more HERE

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