6 weeks until Summer Spine Race 2021!

Starting 19th June, ‘Britain’s Most Brutal’ Summer Spine was intended by the race organisers to be the ‘fun’ versions of the infamous winter Spine, where racers are plunged into the bleak, beautiful and brutal Northern winter. However, the Summer race is not without its challenges. Storms, freezing temperatures and all-round terrible conditions are a constant theme along the Pennine Way.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This year, in conjunction with the usual ‘full’ Spine and Challenger races, covering the Pennine Way in its entirety and the first half respectively, there is a third option for those after an introduction to the Spine experience;

With a distance of 46 miles and generous 18hr time limit, the Sprint offers fast thrills for those who want a taste of what the Spine has to offer. As such it retains all the character of its larger siblings, maintaining an emphasis on self-sufficiency – 46 miles is still a long way, and the terrain is still as isolated and wild as ever.

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