May 2021

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Montana Hull: 24hrs

On May 15th, Montane ambassador Montana Hull did her first ‘proper’ ultra, a 24hr endurance run, lapping a circular 3.9 mile route with 220m of elevation in the North of Wales. She had organised everything, including her training plan. 4 months of hard work was now at a head. I grinned at my crew, ‘it’s so weird being center of atten…’, I was cut off by the horn. That was my signal, 11am had come and I should start. My grin somehow extended further and I pounced into a run.... Read More

lakeland 50 start 2019 | montane 27/05/2021
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Lakeland 50 & 100

2021 marks the 14th annual edition of the Montane Ultra Tour of the Lake District. Racers compete non-stop across two-course distances – 100 miles (ML100) and 50 miles (ML50) taking in the picturesque yet unforgiving terrain of one of the UK’s most famous national parks, the Lake District.  Conditions will vary from hour to hour, with competitors needing to carry essential kit at all times. Bodies will be battered, spirits will be tested and those that cross the finish line in Coniston will earn their status and become legends!  “I... Read More

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Montana Hull 24hrs Kit List

GECKO VP12+ – This is my favourite piece of gear, I love my vest pack. I don’t go anywhere without it. It has so many pockets and I can easily get to my water, phone and those all important snacks (ultras are a running buffet!). BLADE T-SHIRT Style and colour looks great! KATLA PULL-ON This is the ultimate running long sleeve. Warm but also super breathable. Long in the body so doesn’t ride up, thumb holes to keep your hands warm (and makes you feel awesome). Fits great and the... Read More


Climbing Kit List

We have everything you need to get the most out of your route, your grade, and beyond. For a life never stood still. BASE LAYERS Base layer choice needs to be able to perform during a wide gamut of cardiovascular outputs. As such they need to be wickable and comfortable: Men’s Primino 140 L/S (click to view) NEW Women’s Dart Vest (click to view) LEGWEAR Climbing is a tough business. Legwear needs to be tough and durable, yet allow for free, unrestricted movement: Men’s On-Sight Shorts (click to view) Women’s... Read More


Marcus Scotney to attempt The Dales Way FKT

The Dales Way is a 80 miles long distance route from Ilkley in West Yorkshire to Bowness-on-Windermere in Cumbria, the route follows mostly riverside paths and passes through the Yorkshire Dales and the foothills of the southern Lakeland.  The first record on the route was set in August 1983 by Dennis Beresford in 13hr 46mins. Mike Hartley took 12 minutes off the record in March 1989 before he set the Pennine Way record which stood for over 30 years. Two months later in May Dennis went back and reclaimed the... Read More


Tom Hollins: Successful Wainwrights round

On Sunday 16th May Montane athlete Tom Hollins embarked to attempt a VERY big FKT, returning to Moot hall after 6 days 21hrs 33minutes. He now holds the third-fastest time. ‘The Wainwrights’ – a continual, concerted push to summit all 214 of Alfred Wainwright’s Lake District peaks in one go. To accomplish this Tom was on the move almost continually for the best part of a week. Typically taking 525km and over 27,000m of ascent, he contended with freezing temperatures, high winds, impenetrable rain, and a light dashing of sunshine... Read More

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Mark Kerry Dales Highway FKT

During the 6-7 May 2021 Montane Ambassador Mark Kerry set a new Dales Highway FKT of 20hrs 30mins 59secs. The Dales Highway is a 90-mile trail between Saltaire and Appleby-in-Westmorland. It effectively dissects the Yorkshire Dales National Park before crossing into the Lake District and has 4500m of Elevation. Upon finishing, Mark broke the previous FKT set by a team comprising of Mark Collinson, Matt Neale and Davie Dixon – a time of 26 hours and 15 minutes – back in 2017. Mark broke their record by 4hrs 45 minutes.... Read More

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6 weeks until Summer Spine Race 2021!

Starting 19th June, ‘Britain’s Most Brutal’ Summer Spine was intended by the race organisers to be the ‘fun’ versions of the infamous winter Spine, where racers are plunged into the bleak, beautiful and brutal Northern winter. However, the Summer race is not without its challenges. Storms, freezing temperatures and all-round terrible conditions are a constant theme along the Pennine Way. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. This year, in conjunction with the usual ‘full’ Spine and Challenger races, covering the Pennine Way in its entirety and the first... Read More

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Summer Spine Kit List

The Summer Spine is a peculiar beast. Often overshadowed by its bigger, gnarlier sibling, the challenges of the summer race can be easily overlooked and has caught out many hapless Spiners over the years. Yes, it is in ‘Summer’, but this is the summer of Northern England, on the Pennine Way. Already typically unpredictable conditions are exacerbated to extremes by the wide spectrum of environments racers are exposed to. What could be blissfull sunshine in lakeland valleys can transition into wintery storms on the peaks and plateaus through which the... Read More