Marcus Scotney’s Limestone Way FKT Kit

Montane Athlete Marcus Scotney broke the 46-mile Limestone Way FKT this Easter Saturday (3 April 2021) with a time of 6hrs 18mins – 3hrs 23mins faster than the previous record which stood since 2016.

It was a lean, fast, attempt, with an emphasis on maintaining speed and limited down-time spent changing layers and resupplying. This is reflected in the kit Marcus chose; a core of versatile layers and accessories was supplemented with super packable and lightweight shell layers that were intended to stay in his pack until absolutely necessary.


Marcus used one of our NEW VIA Gecko VP+ packs to carry his essential kit between support stations.


These layers needed to be breathable, high wicking and comfortable over prolonged periods of exhertion through the variety of conditions experienced on the day – from cold and windy starts to unseasonable heat in the middle of the day:

NEW Dragon Zip T-Shirt (click to view)
Dragon Pull-On (Click to view)


Simplicity was the key to enable maximum performance and seemless changes at support stations. Tights were worn early on in the colder hours of the morning, before changing into shorts for the warmer hours and the big push towards the finish line:

NEW Dragon 5” Shorts (click to view)
VIA Trail Series Tights (click to view)


As the weather was predominantly good, all that was needed was a windproof and an emergency waterproof. Packability and lightweight were paramount:

WINDPROOF: Featherlite Trail Jacket (click to view)
WATERPROOF: Podium Pull-On (click to view)


Packing light and maximising efficiency was key. marcus used a few versatile accessories to keep him moving on the Limestone Way:

VIA Armguards (click to view)
NEW Ultraflask 500ml (click to view)

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