Versatile Kit for Days of Adventure

Multi-activity days are a great way to get the most of your time outdoors. Overcoming a variety of challenges in a short space of time is rewarding and fun.  A simple, well-considered kit strategy will allow you to carry less yet do more.

You need kit that can perform at a high level across a number of different disciplines. Favouring versatility over specialisation will create a simple yet robust layering system that will transition through activities without compromising performance or comfort. We call it ‘Carry less. Do more.


Breathable, high wicking and comfortable, these versatile next-to-skin layers are ideal for high-output days:

Montane en’s Dart Zip T-Shirt (click to view)
Montane Women’s Dart Vest (click to view)

Varied days like these are real adventures. Lung-busting hill climbs and other big efforts can be punctuated by periods of comparative peace and calm. Moisture and heat management between these activity levels becomes a key factor, requiring a combination of clothing technology and well-managed features to create a consistent optimal internal environment.

Carrying less and doing more is a philosophy that can be applied to pretty much anything. The aim is to remove distractions, allowing for a visceral connection to your environment and how you move through it. It can appear counter-intuitive to favour simplicity over a bells-and-whistles, belts-and-braces approach, but there is a straightforward method that can be applied.


Staying cool when pushing hard is paramount. Shorts that are lightweight and quick-drying will ensure unrestricted movement:

Montane Men’s Dragon 5” shorts (click to view)
Montane Women’s Tucana Shorts (click to view)

A refined kit list that toes the line between weight and utility is key. Packing as much flexibility as little possible into what you can carry allows for full immersion into your adventure. At Montane, our favourite kit is that which combines technology and simple, ergonomically placed, intuitive features that operate passively, accentuating your bodies needs and subtly offsetting the effects of your environment.

The less you carry the more you can move and the more full your days can be. Free of distraction and liberated by efficiency.


These packs are perfect for carrying what you need efficiently and comfortably:

Montane Azote 25 (click to view)
Montane Women’s Trailblazer 24 (click to view)

On days like these, what you are doing is almost secondary. The only real thing that matters is your connection to moving through the landscape, gauging a successful outing by the sweat on your brow. Distance, miles on the legs, and the sheer bloody-minded slog of it is its own reward


Often overlooked, the right accessories can sometimes be the difference between success and failiure, or even enjoyment and misery:

Montane Basecamp Cap (click to view)
Montane VIA Sun Visor (click to view)

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