February 2021


New Spring Range 21

We want kit that enables us to focus, to steel our drive against the unpredictability of the environments we love. To find comfort through experience, mental toughness, and physical ability. We seek the simplicity of a hard job done well, and the visceral rewards that go unseen. The new Montane spring range is the consolidation of 100’s of hours of R&D both in the studio and on the backs of professionals and athletes to ensure there is enough of what you need to accentuate your experiences in the mountains. Features... Read More


Love the Outdoors

rekindle your love of the outdoors. The sense of adventure and the feeling of freedom. Treat yourself or your loved one this valentines day. We are all united by our passions. Collectively striving to find comfort via the competent application of experience, mental toughness, and physical ability. We are only as strong as the bonds that bind us together. Take solace in what we have, and for looking to the future and the next sunrise, from whatever vantage point we find.⁠ ⁠ So here’s to the comradeship of experience over... Read More


Series 2 Further. Faster. Podcast. ep – 3

This episode is about fear, or, rather, overcoming fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or simply, oh-my-god-what’s-that-coming-out-of-the-dark-right-at-me type of fear. How do you mitigate fear? How do you overcome fear? How do you harness fear? But first Daniel spoke to Jordan Wylie, a former soldier, a hunter in the TV programme Hunted and maritime security expert. He’s rowed solo across the Horn of Africa, ran through Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia and, most recently, paddleboarded more than 2000km around the coast of Britain. But in a candid interview, Jordan... Read More


Moving Amongst Mountains

A key tenet of our desire to be immersed in the outdoors is that of exploration. We want to test every facet of ourselves technically, physically, and emotionally. Not necessarily to breaking point, but to explore our place in the world for the sake of knowing. It is an esoteric drive that differentiates our chosen passion from everything else. There is a harmony to the outdoors. A balance.  Ascent follows descent. Biting cold becomes a remedy to burning lactic. The hum-drum of preparation sets the foundations for pure, unabridged exhilaration.... Read More