December 2020


Series 2 Further. Faster. Podcast. ep – 2

With two hugely experienced guests, we’re discussing how you prepare for long expeditions, how you transition into them and, seemingly more difficult, transitioning back into a busy world.  Joining us is Montane athlete Jenny Tough who is one expedition away from completing her challenge to run solo and unsupported across a mountain range in every continent. We speak to her from her home in British Colombia having just navigated the Rockies. We also speak to Robert Mads Anderson, one of the world’s leading high altitude climbers. He’s led new routes... Read More

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12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

It’s been a tough year, compounded by shorter days, longer nights, and challenging meteorological conditions. With everything going on, it could be easy to for Christmas joviality to pass you by. Not on our watch. From Monday 7th December we are launching into the Holiday Spirit with 12 days of awesome Christmas giveaways! There’ll be something for everyone to win; from waterproof jackets to books, gastronomic AND inspirational adventure fuel, accessories, basecamp essentials, and everything in between. We will launch each days’ competition on our Facebook page at 12:30pm, simply... Read More

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Stocking Fillers For Adventurers

Outdoors people do not have standard stocking fillers. Lives spent braving the elements pursuing the simple,visceral beauty of hard-earned sunrises and days won through embracing toil and craft tend to have different requirements than the usual box of chocolates or pair of novelty socks. What we look for in our stockings are practical items that, although small, have a functional theme. They allow us to achieve our goals easier or enjoy the fruits of our labours more keenly. Not everyone’s requirements will be the same, but here are some good... Read More