Regardless of what you are into, kit invariably forms an important facet of what you do.  It helps us get the most out of what we do; pushing ourselves, going further. Faster.

With the festive season rapidly dawning there is an opportunity to replenish the accoutrements which help us indulge our passion, replacing the well-worn staples or long-lost accessories of those we love. This compilation of products includes trusty old-school classics, ultra-versatile new pieces, useful must-haves, and more relaxed additional paraphernalia and should have something for everyone.

We’ve compiled some gift ideas to cover all bases from the hardcore to amateur enthusiast.  It is the season of giving after all, and we don’t want anyone left out.

Being winter, there is a slight emphasis on warmth, but care has been taken to ensure versatility is paramount. You’ll see a lot of layerability, with many products equally proficient as stand-alone pieces or functioning as part of a wider layering system.

Especially useful is the collection of Stocking Fillers, providing gift inspiration for smaller items. Considering the number of activities where a single dropped glove or misplaced hat can spell the end of a day or worse, you can never have too many backups!

Unsure what someone would like but keen to support their outdoor endeavours? We also have gift vouchers for the one who may have everything – a great idea if they have a goal or expedition in mind.

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