November 2020



In a year that has taught us more than ever what is actually important, we are ripping up the Black Friday playbook and will be donating our Black Friday marketing budget to the European Outdoor Conservation Association. Since our founding in 1993, we’ve aimed to achieve the highest standards of performance in our products at the same time as maintaining a responsible approach to our business – of which this is just the most recent. In July 2019, we started our repair service, furthering our commitment to creating long-lasting products.... Read More

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What we are up to at KMF 2020

This Thursday marks the start of the first fully digital Kendal Mountain Festival and, as major sponsors, Montane got involved with some of the best content on show this year. FILM COLLECTION: CLIMB 1 Presented by Montane. A joyous love letter to the creativity, community, and robustness of climbing and the wide-reaching entity that it has become. Films featured in this collection range from a contemporary reflection to climbings remedial qualities to lofty motivational indulgences and quirky underpasses. Going live 18:00 GMT Thursday 19th November FILM COLLECTION: CLIMB 2 Presented... Read More



Regardless of what you are into, kit invariably forms an important facet of what you do.  It helps us get the most out of what we do; pushing ourselves, going further. Faster. With the festive season rapidly dawning there is an opportunity to replenish the accoutrements which help us indulge our passion, replacing the well-worn staples or long-lost accessories of those we love. This compilation of Montane products includes trusty old-school classics, ultra-versatile new pieces, useful must-haves, and more relaxed additional paraphernalia and should have something for everyone. We’ve compiled... Read More


Series 2 Further. Faster. Podcast. ep – 1

Welcome back to series 2 of the Further. Faster. Podcast in association with Montane! Yep, we’re back to our monthly schedule with host Daniel Neilson after a break and we’ve started off with two fascinating guests: First to Hamish Frost, a photographer who specialises in taking pictures in rubbish Scottish mountain weather… that’s to say, the best mountain weather! We learn about he became a professional outdoor photographer and his inspirations. Continuing the theme of professional development, our main interview is with the remarkable Becky Coles. Becky is an expedition... Read More

jon gupta alpine resolve talibalan | montane 03/11/2020
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Until Another Day

Jon Gupta recounts a halcyon climb of Talibalan (V6***) with fellow Montane Athlete Malcolm Bass towards the end of last year’s Scottish winter season: The adventure started early. Scottish winter climbs always do. Dark, wild and with the familiar feeling of fear and adventure sat deep in my stomach. Even after years of winter climbing and mountaineering those feelings of anticipation and uncertainty are always present. Malcolm, Hamish and I jumped into my van and we drove the extra few kilometres to the end of an unfamiliar track. Packs heavy,... Read More

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Steve Parr Round FKT Report

Towards the end of summer Montane Ambassador Howard Dracup pulled off the unimaginable, breaking a course record for the Steve Parr Round which had stood for over 30 years. What makes his achievement all the more remarkable is that the attempt was thrown together in under a week! I’d first come to hear about the Steve Parr Round earlier in the year when Paul Nelson completed it in July. The challenge is to run approximately 118 miles and 45,000ft of climb in under 48 hours. I thought WOW what an... Read More