October 2020

prism ultra pull on review | montane 29/10/2020
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Prism Ultra Pull-On Review

Montane Ambassador Howard Dracup tells us “As much as I wanted to keep this one as a secret all to myself, here’s one of my new favourite pieces of kit – the Montane Men’s Prism Ultra Pull-On. It comes in my pack with me on all my long runs- rain or shine. I’ve been waiting for something like this from Montane for a long time…” If you’re familiar with the original Montane Prism Jacket, imagine that but a revamped version – stripped back of what it doesn’t need from a... Read More

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Go Further. Faster. With Montane and Jenny Tough

To get you inspired about our beautiful outdoor spaces, and to give some tips on the best ways to move through them, we spoke to Jenny Tough – Montane Athlete and a world leader in Fastpacking. Fastpacking is the new way of moving through the outdoors that involves a combination of running, hiking, and camping. It requires great fitness, immense grit, and very robust fueling and layering strategies. However, there are aspects of fastpacking that will help inform and hopefully improve the way you hike in our beautiful natural spaces.... Read More