In Further, Faster we have an in-depth conversation with explorers, mountaineers and athletes to understand exactly why, and how, they do what they do. What is it that pushes them to the limit of human endurance and why do they feel the need to do it.
This time we’re speaking to Jesse Dufton. So who is Jesse? Well, he’s a climber. A good one. His dad first took him climbing at the 2. At the age of 11, he led his first route. His climbing life continued through his uni years, and then recently he led a climb on the Old Man of Hoy. So far, so impressive, but what you may not know about Jesse is that he is almost completely blind. 
His story, told in the film Climbing Blind, is touring now. Catch it at the Kendal Mountain Festival or on the BritRock tour. But first, listen in to his remarkable story. 

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