TORX: Day 3

Leading positions remain unchanged through the second night.

Race leader Oliviero Bosatelli runs just behind course record pace, with Montane Athlete Galen Reynolds hot on his heals.

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Galen held Oliviero within an hour ahead of him for most of the day. However, with cold-induced asthma and a blinding change of pace from Bosatelli, the gap has begun to increase.

galen reynolds tor des geants 2019 | montane

Elsewhere, fellow Montane athlete Kevin Hadfield continues to make gains in the rankings, climbing into the top 30.

Kevin Hadfield 2019 tor des geants | montane

Meanwhile, Tom Hollins remains in the top 40. It is great to see his acclimatisation paying off, allowing him to make the most of the incredible fitness he’s developed over the past 18 months.

tom hollins tor des geants 2019 | montane

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