TORX: Day 1

920 Athletes from 72 nations toe the line for the 10th Tor des Géants.

A record-breaking 920 athletes from 72 nations to the line for the 10th anniversary of the Tor des Géants. Amongst them a strong multi-national Team Montane.

This year’s TOR started at noon on a cold Sunday amongst the crowds of Courmayeur.

After the first four hours, a breakaway group lead by Peter Kienzl left the main bulk of runners, closely followed by a smaller group containing Montane Athlete (and second-place finisher last year) Galen Reynolds.

The cold of the start transitioned into true alpine conditions as competitors ascended into the Italian Alps with snow, icy winds and freezing temperatures hammering the runners. Weather is always an important and unpredictable factor in the TOR and this, alongside some of the greatest ultra-endurance athletes the world has to offer, should provide a suitably exciting pageant for the races’ landmark 10th anniversary.

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