further faster podcast episode 14 Jenny Graham | montane

Hello and welcome to Further, Faster in association with Montane.

We started this podcast to delve into why mountaineers, explorers and endurance athletes do what they do. Why they push themselves, why they feel the need to put another foot forward or crank out another turn of the pedal. In this episode, we spoke to Jenny Graham, a Scottish endurance athlete. The resulting interview fulfilled everything we set out to do. In this searingly honest conversation, we learn about her record-breaking round the world cycle, how she got into riding and running very, very long distances, and how she balances it with her work and family life. We also discuss why, through her work with The Adventure Syndicate that she co-directs, inspiring children is one of her most important aims.

Jenny is a superb interviewee, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it. Listen in.


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