Cape Wrath To Edale FKT

‘Extreme 804’ is 804 miles of trails and mountains starting at Cape Wrath – the most northwesterly tip of Scotland – all the way down the Edale in Derbyshire start of the Pennine way.  Here, Gwynn tells us the why and the how of this immense FKT attempt, due to commence 1st September.

Gwynn Stokes 804 | montane

The idea came about 2 years ago, after the Montane Spine Race. My wife noticed a plaque on the wall in the Boarder Hotel saying ‘CW 400 and something’ miles.  I can’t remember exactly how many, but the seed was planted.  The route to my knowledge has never been ran before so it will be a first and a FKT (Fastest Known Time).

project 804 route | montane

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I want to put this trail on the map for the world ultrarunning community, just like some of the great ultra-trails around the world such as the John Muir Trail, Yukon and Pacific Crest

I have ran the Cape Wrath ultra once and the Pennine way 3 times, so its time to link them together.  I think the reason behind doing it is to see how far I can push myself physically and mentally and as with any adventure it’s only made possible with planning and the right kit and Montane definitely have the right kit.

via dragon 20l pack | montaneClick image for Dragon 20

I especially love the backpacks, and will be using the Dragon 20l for this expedition after I ran the Spine with it last year.

prism glove | montaneClick Image for Prism Mitts and Gloves

Another piece of kit I wouldn’t be without are the prism mitts and gloves. For me, who suffers greatly with cold hands, these are a godsend; light weight, quick drying, and very warm.

The hardest part for me on any adventure, challenge, or race is being away from the family I just have to stay focused at job in hand and keep pushing till the end.


F O L L O W   G W Y N N ‘ S   T R A C K E R

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