Welcome to my first daily blog for my latest challenge in association with my awesome expedition partners Montane, which for me provide the best clothing around for endurance sports and expeditions in extreme, remote and complex environments.

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Over the next 15 days I will be running 15 marathons in the 15 National Parks of the United Kingdom. For those of you that follow me, you may be aware that in late 2019, I am hoping to be the first person in the world to row the most dangerous stretch of water on the planet, the Bab El Mandeb Straits. As part of my training and of course my charitable fundraising efforts, I am taking on a new challenge each month, this month it is the ‘15 in 15 in 15’.

Today it was a bright an early start as I headed with ‘Sherpa’ (my VW T6 Camper) into the New Forest, the first of my challenges and the closest one to where I call home these days in Andover, Hampshire.

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I get the feeling I’m going to be saying this a lot of the next 2 weeks, which I’m not going to apologise for. Part of my blog series is also to show people that you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to find great adventures, there are plenty right here on our doorsteps in the UK.

The New Forest is no exception and is very much a runners paradise with so many different routes to choose from with some of the most spectacular views on the British Isles. Whether its trail running, open roads or gradients of all shapes and sizes, there is plenty for all here and you will also have the beautiful company of the New Forest wild ponies that seem to be on every corner, almost acting as route markers along the way.

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I started my journey today though at the New Forest visitor centre in Lyndhurst where I also picked up a map and spoke to the staff there who recommended me some great scenic routes with maximum interaction with nature too! The route I took was probably one of the more popular ones for runners and cyclists alike and took me in a triangle from Lyndhurst > Beulieu > Lymington > Brockenhurst finishing back where I started at the visitor centre.

The sun was shining through the 26.2 miles and although the wind was strong in parts, the views, the lack of traffic and the tranquillity reminded me from the outset of how much beauty there is to discover, right here at home.

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1 down, 14 to go! Next stop the South Downs National Park…

Day 1.           Day 2.          Day 3.          Day 4.          Day 5.          Day 6.          Day 7.          Day 8.          Day 9.          Day 10.          Day 12.          Day13.          Day15.


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