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Hello and welcome to Further Faster in association with Montane. In this episode, we meet a remarkable character. He has completed some of the most difficult races in the world, including only recently the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra, the 430-mile course, and the Montane Spine Race. So far, so impressive, until you learn that he often ‘doubles’ the race. Having completed the Spine Race he simply had a break, turned around and did it all again.

Yet speaking to Javed Bhatti, his attitude isn’t as crazy as it first seems. There’s a logic to the ‘doubling’, there’s a logic to his preparation, there’s an exploration of the body and mind, and from that and there are deep learnings for him and for us. He’s a buoyant chap, an entertaining and insightful conversationalist, and full of information and inspiration.

The rules of the game are ever so slightly different for Javed, and from that, we can all learn.

There is so much more we could have chatted about, and in time we probably will, but in the meantime, pop on your running shoes and listen to the enlightening story of Javed Bhatti. Listen in.

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