Britain’s Jim Mann dominates to win the 174km race setting a new course record; Carol Morgan (IRL) wins the women’s race with a considerable lead.

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As the MONTANE® Spine® Challenger goes into its second night, Jim Mann (GBR) started the day by convincingly winning the race and smashing the existing course record. Mann crossed the finish line, having covered the 174 km in an extraordinary time of 22h 53m 28s. This is almost three hours faster than former course record holder, Wouter Huitzing (DE).

When asked to comment on his race, Mann said, ”That’ll go under 20 hours that will…it needs the right person and the right weather. You can’t run fast in this weather, it destroys you.”

Huitzing finished second with a time of 25h 56m 52s and narrowly missed out bettering his former course record from 2018. Huitzing said he felt good but described the weather conditions as horrible, he said, “Last year was great. It was like fun run. This was… totally different. I was hoping to beat my personal best but missed out by 15 minutes.

Howard Dracup 3rd place spine race challenger 2019 | montane

Howard Dracup (GBR) finished third. He explained, “When I got to Pen-y-Ghent, I was crawling literally on all fours and going up over…you know the slabs at the top? When I got there, I was on my hands and knees and the wind just blew me over.” Simon Bourne (GBR) finished in fourth place.

Carol Morgan (IRL), won the women’s race with a convincing lead. Morgan in the current course record holder for the women’s MONTANE® Spine® Race, completed the MONTANE® Spine® Challenger in 31h 47m 37s. She said, ”I’m just ordinary really. You’ll see Jasmin tomorrow and she is phenomenal. There’s not enough women in this game and there’s a lot of inherent sexism in the world, and I like to think that we challenge both of those.

The MONTANE® Spine® Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) Challenge, which is on the same course as the MONTANE® Spine® Challenger but only open to active Mountain Rescue personnel from England, Wales and the Scottish Borders, has been won by Joe Farrell (GBR) in 32h 25m 18s. In the women’s race, only Jane Hilton (GBR) continues to race.

The weather has been a challenge for all competitors and the rain and cold gale force winds, gusting to 70mph, have thinned the field.

Meanwhile back in Edale, the MONTANE® Spine® Race enters its first night. The men’s race leaders are currently led by Eoin Keith (IRL) and 2013 winner Eugeni Roselló Solé (ESP). They have been joined by Jasmin Paris (GBR) who also leads the women’s race ahead of Shelli Gordon (GBR).

The lead three are maintaining a steady lead closely followed by Jayson Cavill (GBR) and John Knapp (GBR). Followed by Montane ultrarunner, Kevin Hadfield (USA)
The 2018 MONTANE® Spine Race is scheduled to start at 08:00 GMT Sunday, 13 January.

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