The 174km/108 mile MONTANE Spine® Challenger starts tomorrow.  Saturday 12 January 2019 at 8 AM. 104 competitors (80 men and 24 women) from 10 different nations are competing to cover 108 miles of the Pennine Way National trail irrespective of what the terrain and the British weather can throw at them.


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Wouter Huitzing (NED) has returned to improve on his course Record. Huitzing set the current course record for the MONTANE® Spine® Challenger in 2018 with a blistering Time of 25 hours 42 minutes. “I just love the terrain and hills. It’s an addiction”, he says. “I like to be outdoors. I like to doing endurance stuff, as I don’t run fast but I can keep up my pace for a long time”. Huitzing says he loves running in the UK. “The hills give me a kick. Back home in the Netherlands it’s too flat”.

The weather has been mild lower down, but foggy on the tops with a cold wind but the weather forecast is for a wet start.   Meanwhile back in Edale, Spine® Racers will be registering for Sunday’s race, which starts on Sunday morning.

As per 2018’s rule change, Runners are no longer allowed to be supported by an accompanying vehicle and also, aside from the five main check points where competitors can sleep, eat hot food, access a drop bags and get medical attention, there are three minor check points. But racers are allowed to be at these for a maximum of 30 minutes.

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The Spine® Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) Challenge, which is on the same course as the Spine® Challenger but only open to active Mountain Rescue personnel from England, Wales and the Scottish Borders, starts at 9 AM. At the close of registration, 26 Mountain Rescue personnel will be competing.

The 2019 MONTANE Spine Race is scheduled to start at 08:00 GMT Sunday, 13 January.

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