November 2018

Jenny tough Further Faster Podcast Episode 8 | Montane 30/11/2018
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Click the above image to download Welcome to episode 8 of Further Faster, in association with Montane. This is the podcast that invites ultra athletes, mountaineers and explorers to understand how, and why, they do what they do. In this episode, presenter Daniel Neilson talks to the remarkable expedition runner Jenny Tough. We say expedition runner, but it’s hard to really know how to define the 30-year-old Canadian, now living in Scotland. She’s a runner, of course, but these days not racing so much. It is perhaps best to define... Read More

Montane Athlete Marcus Scotney's Cappadocia Ultra blog 30/11/2018
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As I ascended the final big climb there was the distant rumble of thunder and dark menacing clouds signalled the arrival of thunderstorms. The rumbles of thunder became more frequent, and as I ran across the top of the exposed hill drops of rain began to fall, cooling me down. The storm appeared to be clinging to the hillside on the opposite side of the valley which I had been running over only a few hours ago.  More thunder.  Would I be caught in the storm? Abruptly the route of... Read More

NZ GB Kishtwar MACC Fund Expedition | montane 09/11/2018

NZ/GB KISHTWAR: A MACC Fund Expedition

The Anglo-New Zealand Kishtwar is a bit of a grand name for Richard “Reg” Measures’ and my (both AC members) trip to the Indian Himalaya – originally Steve Fortune from New Zealand was going to join us as well, but two months before departing, work commitments meant he was unable too.  The aims of the trip were to make the first ascent of the North Spur of Flat Top (6100m) and the South Face of the Kishtwar Eiger (circa 6000m). Ultimately we were unsuccessful in attempts on both of these... Read More

Sandy Allan MACC Fund Expedition | montane 08/11/2018
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BROAD PEAK: A MACC Fund sponsored Expedition

Sandy and Rick Allen’s ill-fated summit attempt – and incredible rescue – earlier this summer fast became one of the most famous expeditions of the season.  The expedition received funding from the Montane Alpine Club Climbing Fund, alongside other bodies.  All words and pictures by Sandy Allen. Broad Peak was first climbed to the summit by an Austrian expedition in 1957, and there remain many opportunities for technical unclimbed new lines on this mountain.  Our expedition’s main objective was either to try a new unclimbed line on the very steep... Read More

'Robbies revenge', Borkoldoy | montane 07/11/2018


“It’s on!” Robbie’s expression as I said this reminded me of my nephews’ faces when they realised it was Christmas morning. We had all been struck by the look of the ice line that carved a path up the north-east face, but Robbie had been particularly smitten. The object of his desires was a beautiful path of white and blue ice that zig-zagged steeply to the pointed summit of Peak 5044. This mountain was one of the most impressive of a range that wasn’t short of impressive peaks. We were... Read More

Chilling 2 MACC Fund Expedition | montane 06/11/2018

ZANKSAR: Chilling II – A MACC Fund sponsored Expedition

June 2018 saw a small team head to the Lalung Valley in the Zanskar Himalaya to make an attempt on the unclimbed North face of Chiling II (referred to erroneously elsewhere as Z2).  The expedition was led by Alex Mathie, climbing with Matthew Harle. We were supported by big load specialist (high-altitude porter) Karma, dal baht extraordinaire (cook) Narish and first-time LO Jai. Matthew Harle wearing his Icarus Flight insulation and Alpine Stretch Pants We established base camp at the toe of the Lalung glacier at 4200m on 9th June with assistance from local porters. The following day, we established an advanced base camp in... Read More

mulung tokpo MACC Fund Expedition | montane 05/11/2018
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MULUNG TOPKO: A MACC Fund Expedition

Alpine Club member and past VP Derek Buckle writes of the Montane Alpine Club Climbing Fund supported expedition to Mulung Tokpo with the aim of exploring and summiting unclimbed peaks of the Mulung Glacier in the Zanksar region of India During the period between 30th August and 29th September 2018 six members of the Alpine Club flew to New Delhi prior to joining their Liaison Officer, Manu Verma, and continuing on to Leh in Ladakh at 3,500m. With such an altitude gain the team spent two days acclimatising in and around... Read More

Further. Faster. Podcast. Episode 7 - Katy Parrott | Montane 02/11/2018
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Welcome to the Further. Faster. Podcast, in association with Montane, the FREE podcast that asks ultra athletes, mountaineers and adventurers the why and the how of what they do. CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD This month we talk to Katy Parrott. Participation in the BBC programme Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week changed Katy’s life for the better, and has since been described as ‘Tinkerbell crossed with the Terminator’. Her immense, well-rounded fitness marries seamlessly with a nose for adventure and an iron will, enabling her to cross disciplines such as... Read More

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He’s had a tough year for running, with things not going his way, so it was such a relief to get that result of second overall and first vet. I’ll forgive him for the demands and orders he barked from the sofa that night, with ‘I ran too you know’ being muttered under my breath only a couple of times! But a positive is despite the 40 miles and 6800ft of ascent I wasn’t stiff or too tired after the race. I think I finished 27th -top third, and so yes, I... Read More

Sarah Rowell at the 51st OMM | Montane 01/11/2018
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The last weekend in October for most people means an extra hour in bed as the clocks go back; more importantly for 2,000 or so mountain people, it means the OMM weekend.  Two days of working in pairs, looking after yourself, finding checkpoints and hopefully making it back to the overnight campsite or event centre each day before it is either dark or the courses close. This latter point had resonance, as last year at the event’s 50th anniversary we (along with the majority of other teams) had failed to... Read More