August 2018

Sarah rowell climbs the eiger | Montane 31/08/2018
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Sarah Rowell: The Eiger

International running legend Sarah Rowell recently spent a fortnight experiencing everything the Alps had to offer – both weather AND activity-wise – in a bid to summit the fearsome Eiger. Our plan had been to have a few days doing some acclimatisation via long days in the hills, then the Eiger followed by Dufourspitze.  The changing weather meant that had to be flexed quite a bit, so the final plan became a more schizophrenic affair, with a mix of short and long days spent at varying intensities trying to acclimatise: Day... Read More



Montane Ambassador Jen Scotney talks entertainingly of the connection between mind and body, and how running improves all aspects of life if you are willing to put the miles in.  Click the image to listen on Buzzsprout Welcome to Episode 5 Further, Faster, a monthly podcast in association with Montane. This is the podcast that takes a deeper look into why, and how, ultra athletes, explorers and mountaineers do what they do. This month, host Daniel Neilson speaks to Montane ambassador and ultra runner Jen Scotney. Jen is a remarkable... Read More

Nick morris adventure kit list | montane 29/08/2018
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Nick Morris Adventure Kit List

Now a bit like Blue Planet here is the ‘behind the keyboard’ part…what kit did I use? PRIMINO 140 L/S (Men’s / Women’s) EMBER (Men’s) Shop Now Shop Now For the main bulk of the day I operated in a montane Primino 140 long sleeved base layer with the Ember Pull On over the top. This was a great combo and kept off most of the elements. EXTREME MITTS (Men’s / Women’s) WINDJAMMER GLOVES (Men’s/Women’s) Shop Now Shop Now When reaching the higher elevations where the temperature dropped it  was... Read More

bmc terra pants limited edition 23/08/2018


To Celebrate Montane being the recommended clothing and pack partner of the British Mountaineering Council (BMC), we are exclusively launching  Limited Edition BMC Terra Pants. Combining the versatility and award-winning performance of our iconic Terra Pant with unique custom styling and a low quantity run creates a functional piece of history commemorating the excellent work of the BMC in encouraging the nation into our beautiful outdoor spaces.  The Terra Pants’ low weight, small pack size, fast drying properties and extremely durable reinforcements make them the ideal choice for any serious adventure... Read More

brad matthews featherlite smock limited edition at chrome hill | Montane 21/08/2018
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Twilight in the Peaks

Armed with only a camera and a Featherlite Smock Limited Edition, Brad Matthews and friends took to the dramatic hills of the southern Peak District. (Click on any of the images for more information on the Featherlite Smock Limited Edition) A couple of days after a long weekend in Snowdonia, myself, Tom Kahler, Josh Kilby and Gee Milner decided to take advantage of the summer weather and head to one of the Peak District’s most epic landmarks for a sunset and blue hour shoot. From the French ‘l’heure bleue’,  the... Read More

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FRANCO COOKSON: 14 Lives, 13 Souls

Montane Ambassador Franco Cookson finds peace amongst technical Cornish granite despite the sadness of its past. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of waking up to the bright summer sun as it starts to make its way through the tent canvass: I half want to go back to sleep, but I’m getting excited at what the day will bring. Eventually, the lure of a nice cup of tea outweighs the desire to stay languishing in piles of soft blankets. It’s early and despite the Cornish sun making me feel quite... Read More

Montane Lakeland 50 and 100 header image 02/08/2018
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MONTANE LAKELAND 100 & 50 2018

The 11th Montane Lakeland 100 & 50 ultra’s once again proved itself to be the UK’s most exciting and dynamic race of its kind, with thrills, spills and drama in abundance. Over the years, the Montane Lakeland 100 & 50 has become the primary ultra-distance race in the country, leading the way in providing a race experience tougher and unlike any other. The 11th iteration of the annual race delivered quite literally in deluges.  Often in events of this kind the weather is as big a factor as the terrain... Read More

Elliot Simpson Crib Goch Scramble in Montane Viper 01/08/2018

ELLIOT SIMPSON: The Crib Goch Classic

Montane Ambassador Elliot Simpson recently tackled the iconic Crib Goch Scramble, but found conditions too good to ignore. Like most of the summer, the weather had uncharacteristically been delivering on its promises for weeks.  This provided an unexpected change in how I experience the outdoors. In years gone by good weather was something to be exploited.   You make the most of it; scraping as much distance, altitude, rest, or enjoyment out as possible before the clouds close in and the day descends into the usual attrition against the elements. This... Read More