July 2018

Sally Fawcett Run Diaries | Montane 30/07/2018

SALLY FAWCETT: Run Diaries v

Less hard miles and more time cross-training is paying off, with Sally enjoying success in old and new disciplines this month.  A worrying injury improves, allowing her to take advantage of an opportunity for ‘one more’ Ultra.  Follow Sally’s Diary <Previous 30/6/18 – Fairfield Teams Mountain Marathon As my first MM I was spoiled by the conditions the Lake’s had to offer for the Saunders. The excellent visibility made navigation straightforward, and the warm weather meant we could carry lightweight gear and not worry about a cold, sleepless overnight camp! The... Read More

mend our mountains profile 18/07/2018

Mend Our Mountains: A Big Step Closer to Making A Million

After only four months, The BMC has announced the ‘Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million’ appeal has raised over £330,00 so far, a colossal one third of its target. The appeal, which Montane is proudly supporting with 1% of all website sales, is very much on track for its £1 million target with two thirds of its original time frame to go. Money raised will go towards repairing and resorting some of Britian’s most popular footpaths which, a victim of their popularity, are heavily eroded.  Thanks to the BMC’s and... Read More

sophie radcliffe shetland report with montane 16/07/2018
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In March, Sophie and friend Alex took their favourite Montane kit and spent five days exploring everything Shetland has to offer: ” Shetland left me with a deep appreciation for saying yes to new experiences and all the wonder and joy that can come flooding into your life when you do.” Originally a Norse settlement, now only 16 of the 100 islands comprising Shetland are inhabited.  This allows for its treasures to be hidden, yet accessible; its wildness enhanced by relative proximity, whilst isolated from the greater worlds’ broadest reach. It... Read More

halogen 33 review | Montane 16/07/2018


ALPIN Magazine Reviews the Montane Halogen 33, praising its versatility & features. Our New Halogen 33 has been scrutinzed by the testers of the German ALPIN magazine. T H E   V E R D I C T : “A universal all-rounder with very good details and a great back system, which is also quite light.” “Ein universeller Allrounder mit ein paar sehr guten details und einem angenehmen Rücken, der außerdem recht leicht ist.“ HALOGEN 33 (UK) HALOGEN 33 (DE) Shop Now (UK) Shop Now (DE)

BAIML TEST featherlite down vest 05/07/2018
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Featherlite Down Vest : BAIML Tested

As part of our BAIML Test Team, Kirsty travels the world guiding people in a wide variety of challenging terrains and climates.  Here, she reflects on a piece of kit that finds its way into her pack a lot more often than not:   Kirsty atop Mount Olympus I would hazard a guess that anyone who works in the outdoors owns at least one down gilet.. possibly two..? A hasty search through my kit store (ok, the stuff shoved under my bed) revealed that I own 2 down gilets and... Read More