Further. Faster. Podcast. Episode 3: Debbie Martin Consani

Welcome to the Further. Faster. Podcast, in association with Montane, the podcast that asks ultra athletes, mountaineers and adventurers the why and the how.

Debbie is an inspirational ultra-runner, Mum and full-time marketing professional. Debbie became a part of the Montane athlete team in 2011 and has represented Scotland and Great Britain in 100K and 24-hour races. In 2014 Debbie Won the 2014 Montane Lakeland 100 and in 2015 placed 2nd in the shorter, and perhaps harder, Lakeland 50. Her 10-year journey with over 40 ultra-races includes classics such as the West Highland Way Race, GUCR, Transgrancanaria and Spartathlon.

Following these successes, she finished the Montane Tour Des Géants in 2017, saying; “I doubt I will do many things in life that could possibly compare to TDG. I unearthed layers of myself I didn’t know I had. There were moments I felt I was just torturing myself, but I never wanted to stop. The drive to finish overpowered everything” A massive leap into the unknown, she finished in 127 hours; an outstanding achievement considering the TDG is classed as one of the 5 “hardest runs” in the world.

Containing 24,000m / 78,700ft of ascent (the equivalent of climbing Everest nearly three times) within its 205 miles / 330km, competitors need to be at the peak of their physical ability and mentally agile enough to cope with up to seven days of unpredictable and changeable mountain weather across an entire region of the Italian Alps. Add to this sleep deprivation, altitude acclimatisation and a cut-off time of only 150 hours.

Little wonder only 50% of competitors complete the race. Debbie’s previous performance – and goals – are indicative of an athlete with the highest levels of physical and mental strength and will inspire you to get out in the mountains.


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