May 2018

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‘Scaling the Heights’ With Montane

Montane have proudly supported some of the most audacious and bold expeditions in the world.  We have teamed up with ‘Scaling the Heights’ for a series of climbs that, while small in stature, are ambitious in reach Scaling the Heights is the product of 2 years of work between writer and academic Abbie Garrington, who specialises in mountaineering literature, and artist Stephen Livingstone. The idea is to interest a diverse audience in mountaineering, climbing and adventuring through the history of its literature.  The core of the project centres on the... Read More

Sally Fawcett running well at TWC 24/05/2018
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SALLY FAWCETT: Run Diaries iii

The Trail World Championship was an amazing experience, and such a privilege to run with an amazing bunch of athlete’s. The whole event was brilliant; a super friendly and laid back British team, mixing with all the other nations in the hotel, the acrobatics at the opening ceremony, the super lazy day before – the type you never allow yourself at home! Follow Sally’s Diary <Previous          Next> The race it’s self was tough, the heat at 6am only got worse until we finally hit some shade... Read More

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Tom Hollins: Double Bob Graham

Running non-stop for over 2 days and nights, Montane Athlete Tom Hollins successfully completed a double ‘Bob Graham Relay’  I had attempted a double Bob Graham last year – a shot at Nicky Spink’s record that didn’t go according to plan. I had fixed to the last weekend in May, with a large group of friends supporting, however 3 weeks before the event I got a head cold which I hadn’t fully shifted. The weather on the day was roasting hot, followed by thunderstorms in the evening. Given the heat... Read More

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MACC Fund: Conditioning for Exploratory Alpinism

Mike Fletcher is one of the 6-person team who will spend September in Zanskar, in the Indian Himalaya with the objective of making first ascents of hitherto unnamed peaks circa 6000m.  The Montane Alpine Club Climbing (MACC) Fund has provided funding and access to cutting edge gear. Expeditionary Alpinism is a wonderful thing.  It is also a beast of jarring contradictions: Logistical hassle and chaos gives way to serene calm, which in turn balances on a knife edge as long as conditions allow.  The monotony of insertion treks and base-camp... Read More

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Project 7in4 Break ‘7 Summits’ World Record

< Previous Page          Next Page > MONTANE SUPPORTED ‘PROJECT 7in4’ EXPEDITION SUMMIT MOUNT EVEREST, SETTING NEW ‘7 SUMMITS’ WORLD RECORD Having already ticked 6 of the 7 required summits off in good time, the expedition’s goal to break the ‘7Summits’ world speed record was achieved in the early hours of this morning, when Steve Plain and Montane Athlete Jon Gupta summited Mount Everest a full 9 days ahead of the previous world record. The ‘7 Summits’ is a pre-existing challenge to summit the tallest peak on... Read More

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Everest VII: A Record in Touching Distance

< Previous Page          Next Page > Gambling on the good weather holding, the team dash up the mountain to get themselves in as good a position as possible for their summit attempt. Everest Day 26, 10-May-2018 Back up to Camp 2, but still waiting. Today Jon and I came back up to Camp 2. The weather is forecast to improve in the coming days so we thought we’d come back up where we’re slightly better positioned for a summit attempt. However, with strong winds persisting today... Read More

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Everest VI: Meteorological Pyrotechnics

< Previous Page          Next Page > A thunderstorm breaks the monotony of basecamp life and threatens to improve conditions for a summit attempt. Everest Day 23, 07-May-2018 Another day in Basecamp. Another day waiting. It is a real shame to have come this far, to have completed the first six climbs in such quick succession and now to be stuck here waiting. But I guess that’s the nature of the beast. That’s the mountains. I don’t know how long this wait will continue for. The days down... Read More

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Jon Gupta’s 7in4: EVEREST iii

Weather, wind, socialising & the waiting game… Tour of Basecamp by 7in4 founder, project leader and all-round powerhouse Steve Plain (taken between laps of Kalapathar) Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> Most teams are now finished with their acclimatisation rotations. Some are resting at basecamp & some have dropped a day or so lower down the valley to Pangboche 4000m or Namche 3400m to rest & recover quicker. The forecast is predicting strong winds for another 3-4 days at least & then maybe (that’s a big... Read More

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Jon Gupta’s 7in4: EVEREST II

Eschewing the tedium of basecamp, Team tin4 attempt a feat that epitomizes the ambition of the project and exemplifies the incredible drive and athleticism of the team. Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> NUPTSE 7861m attempt On Tuesday 1st Steve, Tim, Adam & I, alongside Pemba & Cheddi Sherpa headed round from Everest Camp 2 6350m to the other side of the Western Cwm to Nuptse Camp 3 6830m in just under 3 hours. We dug out 2 tent platforms next to the 3 tents from... Read More

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Everest V: Delays and Demons

< Previous Page          Next Page > Delays begin to take their toll on morale.  Steve uses supporters’ messages to overcome his demons. Everest Day 19, 03-May-2018 Camp 2 back to Basecamp. Last night up at Camp 2 I slept 11hrs straight. Camp 2 is at about 6400m and up there I normally have quite broken sleep in the thin, cold air. But last night I passed out at 19:30 and didn’t wake until 06:30. Maybe it’s my acclimatisation improving or maybe it’s just how exhausted I... Read More