May 2018

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Tom Hollins: Double Bob Graham

Running non-stop for over two days and nights, Montane Athlete Tom Hollins successfully completed a double ‘Bob Graham Relay’… I had attempted a double Bob Graham last year – a shot at Nicky Spink’s record that didn’t go according to plan. I had fixed to the last weekend in May, with a large group of friends supporting, however three weeks before the event I got a head cold which I hadn’t fully shifted. The weather on the day was roasting hot, followed by thunderstorms in the evening. Given the heat... Read More

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MACC Fund: Conditioning for Exploratory Alpinism

Mike Fletcher is one of the 6-person team who will spend September in Zanskar, in the Indian Himalaya with the objective of making first ascents of hitherto unnamed peaks circa 6000m.  The Montane Alpine Club Climbing (MACC) Fund has provided funding and access to cutting edge gear. Expeditionary Alpinism is a wonderful thing.  It is also a beast of jarring contradictions: Logistical hassle and chaos gives way to serene calm, which in turn balances on a knife edge as long as conditions allow.  The monotony of insertion treks and base-camp... Read More