Jon Gupta’s 7in4: EVEREST I

Living on the face of the world’s tallest mountain for 8 days so far, acclimatisation is the name of the game.  That and dealing with the time-consuming logistics and weather watching that is synonymous with the iconic mountain.

Jon Gupta 7in4 Everest

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Day 11 on Everest & all set to go!

After flying into Lukla 2800m on 15th April & blasting up to Basecamp 5300m in just 3 days, we’ve spent the past 8 days acclimatising on Everest…

19th – We took a day trip up through the legendary Khumbu Icefall to Camp 1 6100m & back to BC. The route is superb & it felt awesome to be back on the mountain.

20th – We rested & had our expedition Puja blessing, all the Sherpas & the team together. A really special event.

21st – Steve wasn’t feeling 100% so he rested & I stretched my legs up through the Ice Fall, past Camp 1 & Camp 2 6350m to around 6600m before returning to BC. 9 hr round trip!

22nd – We both headed up to Camp 1 for the night. A swift 3.5 hours up through the Ice Fall. Camp 1 is one of the coolest places to camp – in the heart of the Western Cwm under the towering faces of Nuptse & Everest.

23rd – Today we packed up & climbed up to Camp 2. Just out of Camp 1 is a 15m vertical ice wall, followed by 2 sets of ladders crossing 2 huge crevasses! Pretty spicy & hard work for many people.

24th – After breakfast at 6am we climbed the steep ice of the famous Lhotse Face up to Camp 3 at ~7200m & then descended back to C2 for a second night before descending early the next morning back to BC.

Now we sit & wait for the weather gods to play ball & for the incredible Sherpa fixing team to complete their mission of fixing to the summit. This could be some time (a week+)

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