April 2018

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Everest III: 7in4 Supporters take over Base camp

< Previous Page          Next Page > The arrival of the Project7in4 Everest Base Camp Trekkers breaks the monotony of Basecamp life. Everest Day 9, 23-Apr-2018 Camp 1 to Camp 2. Today was a pretty easy day, just a gentle stroll up the Western Cwm from Camp 1 to Camp 2. We waited for the sun to hit at Camp 1 and set off at 08:50. Out of Camp 1 there are a few steep undulations in the glacier surface, almost like standing waves at the top... Read More

Further Faster Podcast Malcolm Bass 27/04/2018

Further. Faster. Podcast. Episode II: Malcolm Bass

Welcome to the Further. Faster. Podcast, in association with Montane, the podcast that asks ultra athletes, mountaineers and adventurers the why and the how. In this second episode, presenter Daniel Neilson talks to British Alpinist Malcolm Bass. Malcolm discusses how he started his climbing career, his caving roots in North Yorkshire, how he manages to combine his passion with his full-time job as a Clinical Psychologist as well as how that helps him choose the ideal climbing partner, with Malcolm discussing his next Himalayan project and why he’s got the... Read More

jon gupta 7in4 everest 26/04/2018
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Jon Gupta’s 7in4: EVEREST I

Living on the face of the world’s tallest mountain for 8 days so far, acclimatisation is the name of the game.  That and dealing with the time-consuming logistics and weather watching that is synonymous with the iconic mountain. Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> Day 11 on Everest & all set to go! After flying into Lukla 2800m on 15th April & blasting up to Basecamp 5300m in just 3 days, we’ve spent the past 8 days acclimatising on Everest… 19th – We took a day... Read More



We have teamed up with Scottish Walker for a Halogen 25 / Oxygen 24 competition giveaway! Click the image or here to enter The Halogen and Oxygen packs are tough and lightweight all-season multi-activity day packs, with a host of intuitive features incorporated into their minimalist design.  Built around the revolutionary Montane ZephryFZ back system, they ensure a close and well-ventilated fit, allowing for efficient load carrying.   See here for more information about these new and exciting packs


JAYSON CAVILL: 3 Peaks Prep – Return to Roots

In the run-up to his 3 Peaks attempt this weekend, Jayson reflects for a moment on his mental and physical preparation.  Disecting motives and performance parameters has lead to a sea-change in his approach to – and relationship with – running, heralding a new ‘Return to Roots’ approach. The Lakeland 100 in July last year seems like a distant memory in some regards.  However, the lessons learned from the build-up and whole training year still sit firmly in my mind, albeit still a little uncomfortable to be honest… 8 months further... Read More

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Follow Sally’s Diary <Previous          Next> Each month, Team Montane Athlete Sally Fawcett shares an insight into the world of elite fell running.  This month deals with the importance of overcoming the mental aspects of injury as much as the physical in the run-up to a big race: The last month has been and gone pretty quickly! Training is back on track after a foot niggle restricted my running for a couple of weeks. This is a flare-up of a previous problem and I knew walking, or steep... Read More


Everest II: Puja and Illness

< Previous Page          Next Page > Team 7in4 experience a ritual important to Sherpa and mountaineer alike, and Steve tries to shake of a nasty bug.  Everest Day 5, 19-Apr-208 Acclimatisation walk to Camp 1 and return. This morning we set off at 05:00 and headed up through the Khumbu Icefall to Camp 1. It took about 3.5hrs to get up, had a short break, then descended back to basecamp and were back in camp by mid-morning. The route through the Icefall is currently in great... Read More

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Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day VIII

Follow the team’s adventure <Previous Page  The team arrived safely at the North Pole just before 1900 on the 21st April 2018. Having skied just over 80 km the previous 7 days and with a particularly grueling last leg the team arrived tired but in good spirits.  They were met by their sponsor Eugene Kaspersky who flew out by helicopter to meet and celebrate with them at the top of the world. Everyone was delighted to be reunited with Saudi teammate Mariam who flew out to the North on the helicopter... Read More

jon g 7in4 Track Jon Gupta 22/04/2018
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Track Jon Gupta During final 7in4 Summit: Everest

For the duration of the final  7IN4 summit attempt, Jon will be wearing a GPS tracker which allows you to follow his progress in near real-time. Updated every 20 minutes, the tracker shows his (and the rest of Team 7in4’s) location on this iconic and deadly mountain in satellite imagery rendered 3D, complete with overlays of geographical, local features, and even photos taken by previous adventurers.

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Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day VII

Follow the team’s adventure <Previous Page          Next Page> Almost there! It was a warm and balmy day on the Arctic sea ice today at -9 °C / -16 °F.  Really soggy, slushy snow to ski through and lots of frozen leads to cross. Today has been the first day when the drift has stopped. The ice is no longer helping them along to the pole and every inch of progress was under their own steam. They are still on the move tonight seeing how close they can... Read More