March 2018

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Tom Ballard: Cerro Torre III

Making do: a Masterclass 7:30am and I’m swinging my axe gingerly into a neve eyebrow. My back is against bare rock and my feet are pressed onto the opposite wall, where the snow and occasional blobs of neve are pasted to the rock. I hope the axe placement sticks! The dawn is doing its thing and I can see my surroundings now. The dim beam of my headtorch is now only needed for details, like fiddling protection into granite cracks. The dawn light illuminates Cerro Torre – if only we’d had... Read More


Further. Faster. Podcast. – Episode 1

Welcome to the Further. Faster. Podcast, in association with Montane, the FREE podcast that asks ultra athletes, mountaineers and adventurers the why and the how of what they do. Each month we’ll speak to different athletes, race organisers and experts from across the world to explore their motivations and what drives them to attempt such intimidating activities in the most extreme environments. In the first episode, presenter Daniel Neilson talks to ultra runner Marcus Scotney about his training, a recent race in Costa Rica (which didn’t fully go to plan)... Read More

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Tom Kahler: Photography and Adventure

Tom Kahler is a young Sheffield based photographer who uses his incredible pictures to celebrate the vastness of the outdoors and his love of moving through it. Tom tells Montane how photography has informed his appreciation of the outdoors, and vice versa… Tom wears the Montane Resolute Down Jacket. Q:  What inspired you to get into photography? I’ve always had a desire to travel and I’ve always had a bad memory, I started shooting photos simply to remember the places I’ve been. I then found myself getting more technical, trying... Read More

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Tom Ballard: Cerro Torre II

Patience is a Virtue That’s been our problem, the wind. Patience… Waiting for ‘weather windows’ down in the ‘mini Cham’ of El Chalten is too good a thing really. You can go for a beer or a coffee and catch up on social media before heading to the crags or bountiful boulders. I started out my climbing ‘career’ way back when I was a nipper, bouldering. I haven’t done much bouldering in the last few years. Not since I spent an Autumn bouldering in Ticino in 2011. Patience is the greatest skill... Read More