MONTANE Announce BAIML Test Team

As part of Montane’s commitment to develop outstanding clothing and equipment for the mountains, our product development programme has expanded to include a test team selected from members of Montane’s brand partner the British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML).

International Mountain Leaders travel the globe leading expeditions for both clients and their own love of adventure.  As such, the variety of disciplines they employ, and the range of environments they operate in, create immensely well rounded and competent outdoor operator.

This means they know what they need to achieve their expedition goals, and what they expect from their clothing and equipment.  Our specially selected team of testers feed back vital real-world performance information to our design team throughout the product development process.

Visit our dedicated BAIML Test Team page for information.

More information about BAIML and their Mountain Leaders can be found by visiting their website

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