MACCF Expedition Report: Shimshal 2017

In August 2017, four friends and experienced expedition climbers traveled to the Shimshal valley in northern Pakistan to spend three weeks looking for unclimbed peaks.  This bold plan saw the team living above 4400m after 4 days, and reaching the summits of a number of mountains between 5800m-6000m.

Click here for a comprehensive expedition report.

promising stunning landscapes and unclimbed 6000m peaks just a few days walk from the road. We were sold.

The team (left-to-right): George Cave (UK), Sajad Ali (Assistant Chef, Pakistan), Steve Carratt (UK), Ross Davidson (UK), Karim Hayat (Tour operator, Pakistan), Clay Conlon (UK), Rahim Hayat (Chef, Pakistan)

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  • Chris Murnin

    Great to hear success stories that don’t involve massive epics. Well thought out expeditions deserves results (and a bit of good fortune)

  • Nadim Mahmood

    Wow. I wanna go there. Who can I contact to do what you did over there. What was the total cost

  • Wim Stevenson

    Its something we are hoping to make more of – the MACCF helps alot of expeditions like this and we want more people to know about them!

  • Wim Stevenson

    Us too! The expedition report (there’s a link a few paragraphs down) has a full breakdown of costs etc