Date: Thursday 14 September 2017

Race: Montane Tor des Géants

Race leaderboard at the start of day 5:


  • 1st = Javi Dominguez (ES) 67:52:15 [new course record]
  • 2nd = Oliviero Bosatelli (IT) 69:16:19
  • 3rd = Andrea Macchi (IT) 74:51:14


  • 1st = Lisa Borzani (IT) 89:40:24
  • 2nd = Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote (ES) 97:43:06
  • 3rd = Marina Plavan (IT) 106:29:21







Montane TDG Day 5. Image by Roberto Roux

With the Montane Tor des Géants male contenders having arrived in Courmayeur yesterday and first woman Lisa Borzani, the race is on for 2nd and 3rd in the women’s category. We also await our first #TeamMontane runner, Japan’s Kota Toriumi.

Women’s 2nd & 3rd

Similarly to Lisa Borzani, Spain’s Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote has claimed 2nd position since the start of the race. Yesterday, she faced a gap of approx. 10 hours from Borzani – how much time could she make up in the race’s final stages? Starting day 5 at 02:44 at Bosses, she ultimately crossed the finish line at 12:03 in a total time of 97: 43:06, having clawed back about 2 hours.

The battle for 3rd took another twist. Stephanie Case had retained this position since day 2, overtaking Raffaella Miravalle at Cogne. It appeared she would hold firm until the end of the race but the toll of running over 197 miles / 317.4km and continuous ascents / descents began to show. Italy’s Marina Plavan in 4th overtook her between Rifugio Frassati and Rifugio Bertone, finishing slightly under an hour ahead in 106:29:21.

Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote at the finish line on day 5. Image by Alexis Courthoud

#TeamMontane competitors

We are very proud to welcome our first #TeamMontane athlete across the finish line! Japan’s Kota Toriumi was charging through the field at the end of day 4. On day 5, he reached Rifugio Frassati at 03:10, ascended the infamous Col Malatrà (2,936m) and arrived at Rifugio Bertone at 08:34. Approx. 45 minutes later he was safely back in Courmayeur in a total time of 94:56:31 and in 20th place, running with fellow Japanese competitor Masahiro Ono.

Watch the live video of them crossing the finish line on Montane’s facebook page.

The next #TeamMontane athlete due to arrive in Courmayeur is US runner Kevin Hadfield. Having run strongly and steadily since the start of the race, he clocked in at Rifugio Cunéy at 02:23 on day 5. Oyace was next, then the Ollomont lifestation at 13:00. Stopping for just under 2 hours, he reached Bosses at 21:19, looking set for a Friday morning finish.

*Real-time day 6 update* – at the time of writing this day 5 report, Kevin has finished! Watch the live video of him crossing the finish line on Montane’s facebook page in 118:45:00 on Friday 15th September.

British #Team Montane legend, Debbie Martin-Consani was leaving the Valtournenche lifestation at the end of day 4 placed 20th in the women’s category. Running overnight, she reached Rifugio Cunéy at 09:55 on day 5, Oyace at 14:21 and Ollomont at 21:07. Similarly to Kevin, her breaks at lifestations are decreasing as the end looms closer. She leaves Ollomont at 23:21 ready to take on the final ascents before the finish having powered her way back up to 17th position. We’ll be looking out for her in Courmayeur on Friday evening / Saturday morning.

Stefano Gregoretti arrives at Valtournenche at 01:42 on day 5. Spending just under 4 hours here, he is back on the trails and reaches Rifugio Cunéy at 16:16. Oyace follows at 22:16, with the night seeing him heading on to Ollomont. Undoubtedly tired, the valiant Italian is running a truly gritty race and we anticipate seeing him in Courmayeur late on Friday / Saturday morning.

Finally, unconfirmed reports surfaced yesterday that Petra Mücková had retired at Gressoney-St-Jean. While her live race tracker is still showing her as in the race, we can now confirm that she has withdrawn. She posted the following on her facebook page on Wednesday morning (rough translation from Czech): “For an event like the Tor des Géants…you have to prepare yourself responsibly. I didn’t have time to prepare my knee properly. Plus, I didn’t arrive in Courmayeur in the best of health. To think that, under the circumstances, I could finish, was perhaps foolish […] I can no longer deceive my body. I feel that if I were to continue, I would transcend certain boundaries of being a rational human being. I know I’m going to regret this. Whoever knows me will know how hard it is for me to admit this. The legs are working, but the mind can’t handle it. For me this year’s TDG ends at 201 miles. Thank you all for the support, it means a lot to me!”

At the end of day 5, 553 remain in race, 314 withdrawals – a withdrawal rate of 36%.

Montane Tot Dret day 2. Col Champillon (2,709m). Image by Roberto Roux

Race: Montane Tot Dret

Race leaderboard at the start of day 2:


  • 1st = Cesare Clap (IT) 24:15:11 [new course record]
  • 2nd = Gianluca Cami (IT) 25:19:54
  • 3rd = Jarno Venturini (IT) 26:19:28


  • 1st equal = Giuditta Turini 28:51:42
  • 1st equal = Tatiana Locatelli 28:51:48
  • 3rd = Guendalina Sibona 34:19:16







Montane Tot Dret winner Cesare Clap leaving Champillon. Image by Roberto Roux

On Wednesday the first ever Tot Dret started from Gressoney-St-Jean. Competitors practically sprinted the 81 mile / 130km course and on day 2, incredibly, the first racers had arrived back in Courmayeur! Cesare Clap took 1st in arriving in a total time of 24:15:11. Gianluca Cami was right behind him for 2nd in 25:19:54 on day 2, swiftly followed by Jarno Venturini in 26:19:28 – an Italian dominated podium.

The leading ladies are expected to arrive in the early hours of day 3 in equally dramatic fashion.

*Real-time day 3 update* – at the time of writing this day 2 report, Guiditta Turini, Tatiana Locatelli and Guendalina Sibona have confirmed their (respective) 1st= and 3rd positions. Turini and Locatelli crossed the line together in the early hours of Friday morning, followed by Sibona around 07:20am.

Withdrawal rates have been high for the first Tot Dret, with 191 competitors pulling out. This is largely due to adverse weather conditions. Competitors were subject to heavy rainfall on Wednesday evening and consequently, race organisers delayed the cut-off times by 1 hour 30 minutes.

Track competitors live here.


Connect with Montane’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for race updates and the latest from #TeamMontane athletes.

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Montane Tor des Géants

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Montane Tot Dret

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